Saying Good-bye

A great man passed away today. Other than my family, he was probably one of the first people to meet me after I was born. Since my dad was attending SMU, my family lived just outside of Dallas, far away from family and friends. Clyde and his wife, Vivian, took us in and became close […]

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Obligatory After Christmas Post

I’ve been trying to write something, anything, for days.  But the words just won’t come.  I want to write about what a special, amazing, yet simple, Christmas we had, but I don’t think words can convey the feelings in my heart this time around.  All I really can say is that it was filled with […]

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‘Tis The Season

In between photo shoots, editing photos, Christmas shopping, two Thanksgiving dinners, a birthday party, laundry, bill paying, and just generally putting out fires in every direction I turn, we somehow managed to get the Christmas Tree up and decorated.  To be perfectly honest, I put the tree together, strung the lights and garland, and then […]

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We All Think She's Pretty Special

Sunday morning Evie woke up with a stuffy head and a runny nose. I didn’t think much of it at the time because I didn’t give her the usual dose of Zyrtec before bed time due to the recent recall. She was a little extra clingy, but we were in a new place for church […]

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iheartfaces – Smiles

This week’s iheartfaces photo challenge theme is “Smiles.”  One of my favorite things about photography is being able to capture a genuine smile.  I get lots of forced cheesy looking grins from my kids, but when I capture a true smile born from happiness the photo usually becomes a favorite.  There’s just something so energizing […]

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