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About Me

I’m a 40-something working mom just trying to get through the day-to-day. After a short marriage to my high school sweetheart, I was (literally) bumped into my life partner (a.k.a. “Hubby”) on the dance floor at Have a Nice Day Cafe (Thanks, Lisa!). I eventually talked him into marrying me and was later blessed with the three most amazing kids I’ve ever known. Zachary is 14, Evie is 12, and our little surprise Caleb is 8. If you stick around, you’ll get to know them a lot better.

When I was growing up, I dreamed of owning and operating my own hair salon.  I had the entire salon planned out, including an extra room in the back so that my children could stay with me during the day.  Those plans all quickly changed after my first week of college when I dropped Advanced Accounting and all of my other Business classes. I changed my major to Psychology and, well, that didn’t get me very far.

I am truly a creative at heart and have an immense passion for photography. While I have never had any formal training, thanks to the generosity of several online communities, I was able to teach myself the fundamentals of photography and am always seeking and learning more about it. I have a small side business doing portrait photography and love having the opportunity to capture memories for other families! I don’t know if it will ever become a full-time business, but I’m not ruling the possibility out.

You would think that would be enough to keep my free time occupied, but I also love to knit, crochet and sew when I have the time. Making things with my hands fills me with a sense of accomplishment. I always stick to simple projects that can be completed quickly though. Otherwise, they never get finished.

I actually hate to cook, but before children took over my life I maintained a fun little recipe blog that still resides at There are still some great recipes there. Hopefully someday I’ll have the time to revive it.

Over the last several years I’ve started reading books again.  When I was younger I read constantly but somewhere along the way gave it up. Ebooks have changed the way I read and I have a new love for getting lost in a good story.

My family is absolutely the most important thing my life. My husband, kids, and I currently make our home in the Kansas City area, but our hearts are family are spread across the country.

Most of this blog chronicles my family life, because that is the legacy that I hope to one day leave behind. I hope that my children will look back on it fondly someday when I am no longer here to tell them stories of the crazy things they did while they were growing up, and perhaps they will come to know a side of their mother that they otherwise would not see.