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Odds 'N' Ends

  • My brother has finally succumbed to the powers of the blog. I’ve always been under the impression that he thought blogs were stupid but now he has one of his own. Now that he has a baby (and in-laws that are constantly bugging him for pictures and updates) he’s finally decided that they aren’t so bad. Plus, he’s using WordPress which makes it even better. I would love to share the link but I’m not sure he wants it to be public so I’ll have to wait and find out first.
  • I’ve mentioned before how much time I can manage to waste browsing Etsy, right? Well, I found out this week that my cousin just started up her own Etsy shop. She currently has listed hair bows and hair bow holders for little girls. She also plans to add tote bags and tutus in the near future. If you are in need of any of those, please go check out her Tippy Toes Bowtique. I can’t wait until Evie has enough hair that I can actually put bows in it!
  • I’m finding myself getting quite addicted to Twitter. It’s like a cross between blogging and instant messaging and it is so much fun. I just wish I had more real life friends on there. I always feel kinda dumb replying to people that don’t really know who I am.
  • The proofs came back for Zach’s school pictures today and they were really great even though he looked like a slob on picture day. I had convinced myself I wasn’t going to buy any because I was so sure they would be terrible. Instead they came out so good that I have to buy them. I would have liked him to have been wearing better clothes, but the way his smile lights up his face you really don’t pay much attention to the clothes anyway. I’m a sucker, aren’t I?
  • I gave Zach’s school his 2-week notice today. I’m really hoping I made the right decision with this. I’m sure he’s going to really miss the social aspects of the school. He’s a very social kid and has made some really good friends there that he’s going to miss. But, at the same time, I’m hoping he won’t be coming home with scratches all over his face anymore. I won’t miss those at all.
  • Being back at work is HARD. I’m SO tired and I miss my kids like crazy. Like I said before, my job isn’t so bad. If I have to work, it’s a pretty good place to be. However, I WANT to be with my kids. It is just entirely too hard to function the way I need to function at work when I’ve gotten very little sleep and all I can think about all day is the fact that other people are taking care of MY kids.

And now that I’ve gotten all of that out, it is time to share some more pictures of my adorable kids.

They Don't Look At All Alike
They’ll never be able to claim that they aren’t related.

Helping With Her Noonie
I love it when I catch him showing a little love to his baby sister.

Funny Face
Every time I turn on the camera here lately he starts making funny faces. (Also notice the scratch and recent scar on his cheek-courtesy of day care.)

Those Eyes Get Me Every Time
Those eyes just make me melt.

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