Taking Stock: November

When life gets to the point of insane-crazy-i-can’t-take-one-more-thing is usually when I most feel the desire to write. Sadly, it is also the time when I can barely keep a thought straight in my head long enough to write it down. So, naturally, I’ve been wanting to write like crazy lately, but there has been […]

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Welcome, 2013!

So it is a brand new year. 2012 was wonderful in many ways, but also, one of the most difficult of my life. Caleb joined our family early in the year and threw a bit of a wrench into our routines (and our bank account). I pretty much feel like I’ve been running non-stop since […]

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The End of Summer

I had to actually scroll back a couple pages to see when the last time I actually wrote something was – two months ago. I honestly have no idea how time moves so fast. I used to sit around wishing for the weekends to come and the weekdays would seem so long. Now I wish […]

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There’s something about pregnancy that seems to give me a creative block. I’m not sure if it is simply my body just being too tired to care or what, but during my last two pregnancies, I’ve been blocked. My ability to write, or create anything really, just seems to disappear. Fortunately, after the babies are […]

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Just Good

I have so very little to say here these days. I think it is a mix of being completely busy, but also? Completely content. I am just so happy in this little life I have built for myself right now. That’s not to say that there isn’t room for improvement. There are plenty of things […]

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I’m finally getting used to the idea that there is actually a teeny tiny baby forming in my belly. Even though I couldn’t keep my mouth shut and spilled the news to everyone already, the whole thing still feels a bit surreal. I keep trying to explain away the signs, but it is hard to […]

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