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7 Weeks

Sometimes You Just Need MommyEvie is seven weeks old today and I can’t help but to sit here and wonder how in the heck that happened. Those seven weeks feel like they have passed in only a few days. I dreamed of this – of her and my perfect little family – for so long that it is hard to believe I finally have it. It sometimes makes me wonder what I did to deserve all of this.

Evie is growing more and more each day. It seems like every time I look at her she’s a little bit bigger, but I’m loving her chunky little thighs right now.

Even though we’re still waiting for that first big grin, I can easily determine her mood by the look on her face. She’s very expressive, but my favorite (even if it’s a little mean to admit) is when she’s about to cry and her little bottom lip puckers out. If I could ever catch it on camera you would see what I mean. It is just adorable.

Unfortunately, I’ve been seeing that bottom lip sticking out a bit too much the last few days. Little miss seems to have a sensitive stomach and has been having some rough days and evenings this week. About the only thing that comforts her is snuggling with mama in just the right position. I don’t mind too much but it does make it pretty difficult to get anything else done.

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  1. She’s so beautiful Dee, I remember the days of babydom so well when I read your posts. It’s great.
    Just a note too- if you notice she gets fussy all night long when you lay her down she could have reflux (Nolan had it). It helps to lay them on an inclined surface, Nolan’s was particularly bad so he slept in his bouncy chair until he was 6 month old! By golly it made a difference though when you are already short on sleep, minutes count.

  2. OMG, I could have just written this very same thing about my own little Evie. Well, except for the big grin, she’s given a couple of those. But the rest, from the puckering lip to the tummy issues is right ON.

  3. even i can’t believe it’s already been seven weeks, and i’m just reading along on the blog. she’s so beautiful, and i love coming here to see her lovely chubby face. 🙂

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