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Best Lunch Date Ever

This week is my sister’s last week at home before going back to school to get her classroom ready for the little munchkins.  So, what did she decide to do with her free time?  She came and met my mom and I for lunch with her two boys.  She also stopped by and picked Zach up from day care so he could join us too.

My sister was running a little late so my mom and I stopped by a garage sale that we saw on the way.  I picked up a Little Tikes table and chair set and a toy bin for Zach for a total of $35.  I know I didn’t really have the extra money to spend but I’ve been really wanting to get these for him and they are much more expensive to buy new.

Finally, we were on our way to Godfather’s and arrived just before my sister.  Zach was so excited when I opened the van door and he saw Mommy standing there.  We had a nice lunch (totally off of my diet!) and Zach managed to eat two entire pieces of pizza, plus some peaches, and then a few bites of dessert pizza.  I guess he takes after me when it comes to pizza.  I have no idea how I’m going to manage to feed the boy when he is a teenager. 

After we ate, we brought the boys up to the office to say hi to everybody.  Zach is always a big hit around here so we figured we could bring all three boys and triple the cuteness effect.  It definitely worked.  All the ladies in the office gathered around and showered them with attention.  I got to be the proud Mommy and Aunt listening to everyone talk about how cute they all are and how much they have grown since the last time they saw them, etc.

My sister then took the kids over to my mom’s house for naps.  After work, hubby and I are meeting them over there to take the kids swimming and have some dinner.  It should be fun and what is even better is that I don’t have to cook!

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  1. What a nice day!! I would LOVE a slice of Godfather’s pizza. Alas, they don’t have them out this way.

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