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Month: August 2006


I must have scared everybody away with that last post.  Or else it was just too long to actually read.  I was hoping for some comments by now.  I’m a little bored.  I’ve had a whopping 4 visitors today (not that I’m counting) and not a single comment.  Is it just me, or are Thursdays just pretty slow in blogland? I always seem to find that it is.  I guess I’ll just get back to work then.

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One of the things you always hear about pregnant women is that they have cravings for odd foods.  You get the typical ice cream and pickle stories, then there are the vegetarians who crave nothing but meat, etc.  Every pregnant woman is different.  With my sister it was eggs I believe.  With me?  Peanut Butter.

Before I got pregnant, I was never really much of a fan of peanut butter.  Sure, I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich every now and then, and I loved me some Reece’s peanut butter cups but it was just never a staple in my diet.  I never, ever, just thought to myself, “hmmm….some peanut butter sure would taste good right now.”

That all changed at some point during my pregnancy.  I’m not sure at exactly what point it started, but one day I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for breakfast.  After that day that’s what I ate every morning through the rest of my pregnancy.  I never got tired of it which is unusual for me.  I always get tired of eating something if I eat that same thing every single day (well, except for pizza…I could live on that for the rest of my life).

After Zach was born, I stopped with the PB&J’s, mainly because I wanted to drop those baby pounds off quickly and also because I had a new baby and there was no way he was giving me enough time to actually go make a sandwich.  Wanna know what the strange part of this is?  I never really lost the peanut butter cravings. 

Instead of my morning PB&J, I started buying peanut butter granola bars, ice cream with peanut butter in it, crackers with peanut butter in the middle of it, along with other assorted peanut buttery snacks.  But most of the time, I would rather just go stick a spoon in the jar and lick every last little bit off of the spoon, especially when I am highly stressed.  It helps for some reason.

For some reason, over the last couple of weeks this peanut butter craving of mine has come back with a vengeance.  My new favorite snack is the Honey Maid Chocolate Graham Sticks dipped in peanut butter.  Individually, they both totally rock my world.  Together?  That is absolute bliss.  It does tend to be a little harsh on the diet though.

What do you crave?  Care to share?

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Lost In Translation…or in the big black space in my head…

Lastnight I had several things I wanted to write about but now they seem to be lost somewhere in my head.  There really was something I wanted to write about today.  Maybe it will come to me later.  Sometimes I think I should carry a little notepad around with me so that I can write down every idea that pops into my head.  There’s a voice recorder built into my phone and my mp3 player, but I always feel stupid recording something if there are other people around…plus most of the time I don’t anyone knowing what I write about.  Of course, most of my great ideas come to me when I’m driving in the car so I suppose I could use a voice recorder then.  Maybe I’ll try that out sometime.

Speaking of riding in the car, on my way home yesterday I was listening to the radio.  The dj said he had the new Audioslave cd in his hands and was going to play a new song off of it.  So, I cranked it up and listened while he played 4 songs off of the new album.  One of them was the already realeased "Original Fire" but the other three were brand spankin’ new.  I really dug two out of the three new songs.  The third was just ok for me.  I’m definitely anxious for the cd to come out next week though.  I don’t expect this one to be as great as their first cd, but I think it will be pretty good.

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All In One

Hmmm…it’s been a little quite around here the last couple days.  I guess I figured with the posting not only once, but twice this weekend I could take a break or something.  But really, it was just because we had no internet at work for most of the day yesterday.  Turns out there was some kind of power surge or something that actually made it through the surge protector and totally jacked up our router and switch that connects us all to the internet and our file server.  I did have a bit of a breakdown when I discovered I couldn’t check my e-mail though.  That was rough. 

I think I finally have a plan in place for Zach while his Day Care Provider is on maternity leave.  I’ve mentioned before that the in-laws are coming up for three weeks.  If I manage to make it through those three weeks, I’ll still have at least a week and 1 day before day care opens back up (if the delivery goes as planned with no complications).  So, being that my mom and I both still have some vacation time left for the year, we are going to split the time up and each take a few days off to stay with Zach.  I think my mom is going to try to get my Grandma to come up for a few days during that time so that she can spend some time with her also.  If the maternity leave ends up extending past that I still plan on lining up alternative care.  I’m sure I can find a day care center or home day care that will take a drop-in for a couple days.  I may have to pay a small fortune, but after skipping 4 weeks of paying for day care I think I’ll be able to afford it.

Sunday afternoon we were supposed to go to a birthday party, so we came home right after dinner at my dad’s instead of hanging around and visiting.  I put Zach down for a nap and Hubby decided to nap too, so I took the opportunity to spend a couple of hours by myself on my computer.  I downloaded a digital scrapbook kit from Designer Digitals and created an invitation for Hubby’s 30th birthday party that I am throwing for him next month.  I wanted to get the invitiations out early because most of my friends tend to have pretty busy schedules.  I really love how the invitiations turned out.  I e-mailed them yesterday morning (before our internet crashed) and have gotten several compliments.  I wanted to post it here and show it off, but I’m too lazy to black out the address and personal info.  It really got me wanting to work on some digital scrapbook pages though.  I downloaded several free scrapbook papers and kits that I found while looking for just the right thing for the invitation.  Now, if I could only find the time to work on it.

I’m really looking forward to this weekend.  Not only is it a 3-day weekend, but Hubby and I have committed to cleaning the house from top to bottom and cleaning up the yard (as long as the weather cooperates).  That may not seem all that exciting to some, but it is for me.  With the little guy clinging onto my legs most of the time it is pretty difficult to get even the simplest of cleaning tasks done.  And the yard?  It has been really needing some work since early summer.  But, Hubby said that he will help get it done this weekend so that we can have Monday to relax at home with nothing to do.  The absolute only way I can completely relax is if the house is clean.  Otherwise I sit there thinking about all of the things I should be doing instead of what I am doing.  Plus, that should leave us with only a quick run-through the house to do before the in-laws show up two weeks later.

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Fourteen Months

Dear Zachary,

You are now fourteen months old. Each month when I sit down to write these letters I go back and read over the one I wrote the month before. I am always amazed that you can change so much in just one short month.

I think the biggest development that I’ve seen this month is that you are really starting to show that you understand what other people say to you. One day when I was picking you up at daycare, I asked you to go get your shoes so I could put them on you. You walked directly over to the cubbies and waited for me. When I grabbed your shoes, I asked you to sit down and you did just that. Also, when Daddy or I ask you to go get your cup or to get your ball you will look around the room, find what we asked you for, and bring it to us. That’s quite an improvement over the blank stares that we used to get when we asked you for something.

Along with your greater understanding of language, you are also talking more and more. You have several words that you can say pretty clearly now. There are the old words, Mama, Dada, and Bubba that you have been saying for a long time now. Then there are some new ones: ball, Dylan (your cousin), no (which amazinly you don’t really say often), yes (which is usually accompanied by a head nod), bye-bye, this, and drink. Then there is the jibberish which you go around saying all the time. I know it must mean something to you, but I haven’t quite figured out your language. Lastnight I asked you a question and you turned, looked straight at me, and gave me your answer. I was trying to make meaning out of what you said so I repeated the question several more times and you answered the exact same way every time. I really wish I could have understood what you were saying, because it was obvious you were really trying to tell me something.

Sometimes, for no reason at all that I can see, you break out with a loud scream. I haven’t been able to figure out whether you are just wanting some attention or if you do it only to hear yourself. I’m guessing it is the latter of those two. The other funny thing you do is spin in circles. I’ve caught you doing it a couple of times now and it just cracks me up. You’ll just be standing there and then all of a sudden start spinning around. Then you bust out laughing. You laugh a lot these days. It seems you can find humor in almost anything, so of course, Daddy and I sit around all the time just trying to come up with things that will get a giggle out of you.

The weather has started cooling off a little bit in the last week or two and I am starting to get anxious for Fall. I started digging through your clothes and I’m pretty sure that most of the warmer clothes that you wore in the Spring will be too small for you now. I’ve been out doing a little bit of shopping and have been buying you new clothes in a size 2T. I can’t believe my 14-month-old little baby is already wearing 2T’s. Granted, most of them are a little big on you right now, but I’m sure they’ll be fitting just right by winter time. I weighed you the other day on our home scale and you weighed just over 26 pounds.

In a few weeks your day care provider will be having a new little baby boy. I’m anxious to see how you react to a baby so small. You won’t be the little guy at day care anymore. Granny and Papa are going to come up and stay with you for 3 whole weeks while she is on maternity leave. I’m guessing that will be sufficient time for them to spoil you rotten. I think you will have a great time with them while they are here. I’m sure that they are really looking forward to having some bonding time with you.

As I sit here writing this letter, you are lying in your bed sound asleep taking your afternoon nap. While I treasure every minute I get to spend with you, I am also learning to really enjoy those times when I actually have a few uninterrupted minutes to myself. I usually spend those minutes cleaning up after you, looking at pictures of you, or at the very least thinking about you, but I guess that is all part of being a mom. It is quite a job, but I think it’s the best one I’ve ever had.



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I Think I'm Alone Now

For once I actually have the house to myself.  Hubby is away at a football game and I finally got Zach to bed.  Rather than doing the housework that really needs to be done, I’m relaxing and taking a few minutes to check my e-mail and catch up on a few blogs.  This is really nice.

Hubby and I actually had a good time lastnight.  It turns out that I really do like him when I’m drunk.  We saw a couple of really good local bands play but the club didn’t have any air conditioning on and it was hot as hell.  Everyone at the club was all sweaty and nasty.  I had a couple of drinks, then a couple more.  When I was out of cash, my friend M decided that I needed some more so she bought me a couple of drinks.  I ended up stumbling out of the bar at the end of the night, but I had a great time.  I’m much more outgoing once I have a little alcohol in me.

All night long I kept seeing this guy at the bar that I swore I knew.  I’m pretty sure that he was one of the guys in a group of friends that we used to hang out with, but I wasn’t positive.  Then I spotted another guy that I think was part of the same group, but I wasn’t 100% sure that it was him either.  After a couple of drinks I actually got up the courage to go talk to the first guy.  He kept moving around and every time I would spot him and get ready to go say hi, he would disappear again.  It was like I was playing freakin’ Where’s Waldo in the bar.  I kept looking for him all night long.  Just as we were about to leave, I spotted him one last time but I was upstairs and he was downstairs.  By the time I got down there, he was nowhere to be found.

We haven’t fought anymore and actually had a pretty good discussion about things this afternoon but it got cut short when the doorbell rang.  Then he left so we didn’t get back into it.

Damn, he’s back home.  That sure didn’t seem to last long.  They left at halftime.  So much for my alone time.

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