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All By Myself

Tonight after work I’ll go pick Zach up, rush home, pick Hubby up and drive up to my sister’s house.  We’ll have dinner together and then Hubby and my Brother-in-law will leave for their trip to Pittsburgh.  He’ll be gone for a total of four days which isn’t really that long, but also is longer than we’ve ever really been away from each other.  Definitely longer than we’ve been away from each other since having Zach.

It is not so much that I mind him going.  I know that he and BIL will have a great time together and will really enjoy seeing their two favorite teams hash it out on Sunday.  Of course I’ll miss him, but that isn’t really it either.  What I’m most worried about is that I will have to deal with Zach plus two hyper dogs and two cats for four days by myself.  At first I was all “Woohoo! Time to myself!”.  Then I realized there will be no time to myself. 

I imagine that I will spend the majority of my time while he is gone playing with Zach and taking the dogs outside to pee.  Perhaps we will go to the park or do some other kind of outdoor activity that Hubby never wants to do.  I suppose we could rake up the millions of leaves that have suddenly scattered themselves across my yard in the last two days.  Or perhaps we’ll just sit around in our pj’s watching episode after episode of The Upside Down Show.

There are so many things I would have done with this time back before I had a child.  I could have possibly finished up my scanning project, created a few web site designs, maybe crocheted a blanket or a few hats, edited my digital photos, read a book, cleaned my house, or even just sat on the couch watching endless hours of TV until my brain was fried.  Now there isn’t much time for those things.  Now I am responsible for a life other than my own and I can no longer be selfish.  Granted, he has to go to bed and take naps so there will be a little alone time, but I’m guessing I’ll be ready to sleep too.

It should be an interesting weekend.

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  1. Once in awhile it’s good to just ‘let go’ and accept whatever happens. I guess it’s part of being a mom. Go with the flow and feel happy while doing it!!
    Good luck!

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