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Retail Therapy

It is amazing what a sunny afternoon (seriously, 80 degrees in Missouri in November?!?), one hour of my time and about $100 can do for my mood.  Okay, so it was more like $135, but about $50 of that was spent on the boys, so I rounded to $100.

Just before lunch time yesterday my boss walked in and said, “It’s 81 degrees outside.  Unless you just have too much to do, go ahead and take off after lunch.”  I did have a lot to do, but I certainly wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to get outside and enjoy an afternoon off.  I was just about to leave for my lunch break where I had planned on making a quick trip to Old Navy to check out the clearance racks.  Plus, since it is Stuff ‘n’ Save (20% off) time again, I figured I could splurge on a new shirt or two for myself.  Instead of a rushed trip through the store, I got to spend extra time combing through the clearance racks that were marked an additional 50% off.

I ended up walking out of the store with two big bags full of clothes with a grand total of 11 shirts, 6 pairs of pants, 2 pairs of shorts and a hat/glove set for Zach.  4 of the shirts were for Zach and Hubby got a pair of jeans.  All of the rest was for me.  My wardrobe just got a nice little makeover.  I say all of that for only $135 is a pretty damn good deal.

Instead of getting up and dreading trying to find something to wear to work this morning,  I was anxious to put on a brand new outfit.  I got dressed and felt so good actually putting on clothes that fit and that were not 10 years old.  My whole attitude is better today.  I’m happy.  I’m productive.  Even the piles of work sitting on my desk aren’t stressing me out today because I feel good and I think I look pretty darn good too (except for my hair that is driving me totally insane).

It could be that the sunny weather and the afternoon off contributed, but my bets are all on the new clothes.  I’m starting to re-think all of those clothes that I have stored away thinking I might wear them again.  The truth is I hate pulling out old clothes and trying to get extra mileage out of them.  New clothes feel so much better!

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  1. Cutter Cutter

    It hit 80 degrees in my apartment today.

    It’s SO burning my brain.

    evil evil

  2. Good for you!! I just cleared out my closet of all the bits of maternity clothes that were taking up space and the clothing I was getting extra mileage out of. I realized it was in such rough shape that I wouldn’t be comfortable GIVING it to charity!!!
    Man, did it feel great to get that stuff out of my life!!
    My new hair cut really revived me lately… I can relate to the new clothes feeling! I’m so jealous of the killer deals you got!!!!

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