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November 2005-Sleeping with Daddy

November 2005-Sleeping with Daddy

Originally uploaded by deew27.

Hubby asked me the other day if he could take my camera with him when he goes out of town this weekend. In preparation, I was cleaning the photos off of the camera and I decided to pull out my old camera so I would have a backup while he is gone. When I got it out, I found this picture, taken November 6, 2005. It is amazing what can change in a year. I remember taking the picture and thinking how sweet it was to see the two of them sleeping together like that.

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  1. Damn. Zach is SO little. I started reading you when he was older, so I am not used to the “little baby” pics. Sweet.

  2. So cute. I love how babies sleep with their arms up.

  3. Does anyone but me think that Hubs and Babe have the EXACT same expression on their face? Really, it’s uncanny, and unbelievably cute.

  4. gasp. really really beautiful photo.

  5. OMG what a precious photo!! I love it!

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