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10 Years

Just a little over 11 years ago, I bumped into a manĀ  on a dance floor. We danced and talked the rest of the night.

10 years ago today I married that man.


He has given me the three most precious gifts I could ever receive.

My babies

Sometimes I wonder how we have made it this long, but then I realize I can’t imagine my life without him. That’s really all I need to know.

For our 10 year anniversary, I wanted to plan a weekend getaway. We never had a honeymoon and I can’t remember the last time we spent a weekend without kids. I started saving a little here and there when I could, but God had a little surprise for us. Instead of a trip we had a baby. With him, our family feels so complete. Who knows? Maybe we’ll take that trip for our 15th or 20th anniversary. Honestly, I can’t think of a better way to spend our anniversary than with this amazing little family that we have created.

Happy Anniversary, honey. Thank you for an amazing 10 years. I love you.

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Those of you who follow along on Facebook already know that we had a bit of excitement in our weekend. We headed out to Zach’s school carnival on Friday night and ended up with Hubby in the ER. Let’s just say it was quite the spectacle to watch a 260-pound man plow through a crowd of people while semi-unconscious. I’m still not exactly sure what happened as I was completely frozen until I saw him fall to the ground. He went about 10-15 feet, then fell. By the time I got to him, he was alert but couldn’t remember what had happened the few seconds before. People around us thought he was crazy, I was in shock, and the kids were about 100% freaked out.

My immediate reaction was to take him to the hospital, but he refused saying he felt okay. We let him sit for a while, but when he decided to go out and sit in the car I called my mom and told her I needed to take him to the ER. Fortunately, she wasn’t too far away and was able to come meet us. She agreed to drive him to the hospital so I could stay with the kids and let them enjoy the carnival a little bit. After a few games and some turns in the bounce houses, we went and met them at the hospital. The kids were very worried about Daddy, so they went in so they could see him for a few minutes before Grandma took them back to the house.

Once they got him back into a room and hooked him up to a bunch of monitors, we finally learned what was going on. The official diagnosis was SVT, or supraventricular tachycardia. Basically, he has an irregular heartbeat that occasionally speeds up really fast. This has been happening for a while, but it generally only lasts a few minutes and then goes back to normal. He has discussed it with his doctor before, but was simply told to drink lots of water and cut back on caffeine as dehydration can make this happen more frequently. He wasn’t overly concerned about it at the time, but after he blacked out and fell down it became a bit more of a concern.

While we were in the ER, his heartbeat continued to go up and down for several hours. He was given medication to help slow it down and once that kicked in it seemed to stabilize. His reward was being admitted for overnight observation. He met with the cardiologist Saturday morning, who gave him a prescription for heart medication (and a baby aspirin) and told him to follow up with a stress test within the next week or so. Shortly after that he was released and sent home.

We took it pretty easy the rest of the weekend, napping and taking care of some things around the house. We did venture out to go to church, but that’s about it. The kids were amazingly well behaved. I think the events Friday night really had them scared and they loved on Daddy a lot when he got home. To be honest it had me scared as well. I never imagined I would be taking my husband to the hospital for heart problems just days after his 35th birthday.

Sunday afternoon I felt the need to get outside for a little bit, so I bribed the kids with chocolate to let me take some photos of them. I’ve been trying to get to know a new lens and it was beautiful and sunny outside. They grumbled a bit, but I did end up with some great shots in the end. I decided to play around with some black and white processing on a few of them and I’m pretty happy with how they turned out. (The rest are on Flickr.)





And, if you aren’t already exhausted after reading all of that, go check out my latest session on the photo blog! I had a wonderful time photographing Cagey’s beautiful kiddos!




I’m finally getting used to the idea that there is actually a teeny tiny baby forming in my belly. Even though I couldn’t keep my mouth shut and spilled the news to everyone already, the whole thing still feels a bit surreal. I keep trying to explain away the signs, but it is hard to explain away the big plus sign on the pee stick. I’d really like to know the odds of getting pregnant with only one ovary while on birth control pills. Whatever they are, we apparently beat them. Perhaps I should go buy a lottery ticket?

I haven’t been to the doctor yet, but there’s no denying the positive test and the nausea. I go in for the official test and due date calculation next Friday, just before we leave for vacation. I am already extremely anxious to find out if we’re having a boy or girl. Zach wants it to be a boy and Evie would very much like for it to be a girl. I’m happy either way, although I do lean a little toward wanting it to be a girl. Plus, as ridiculous as it may be, I’m already stressing about names. I have always had baby names in the back of my mind for future use, but this time, I’ve got nothing. We do have a possible middle name if it ends up being a boy, but that’s it. Why do I care about that so much this early in the pregnancy? I have no idea, but it is driving me nuts.

The fun part of this all, is that we’ll have another “pair” of babies in our family. My brother and his wife are expecting a little boy in September so the two will be about 5-6 months apart. That means each one of my kids will have a cousin within 6 months of their age that lives nearby. It has been really fun watching them all grow up together so far and I look forward to seeing two more added to the group.

My mind is just all over the place right now. So many things to do, to get ready, to prepare for. I know I have so much time, but everything suddenly seems very urgent to me for some reason. I didn’t feel this way with the other two, but maybe that is because I was mentally preparing for years before they were a reality. It’s crazy how different it feels this time.

Holy cow, you guys, we’re having a(nother) baby!

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Our BIG Weekend Surprise

Sometimes life has a way of changing your plans, as we found out this weekend. For starters, I’ll be adding a couple of supplements to my diet for the next 9 months or so.

Then, sometime near the end of February, we’ll be welcoming the newest member of our family.

I’m trying to put my trust in God’s timing. We’re a little scared, excited, and overwhelmed, but mostly happy.




9 Years


To my Hubby,

Nine years ago today we said “I Do” and somehow we’re still going strong. You may have a little, okay – a lot, more gray hair than you did back then, but somehow you’ve managed to put up with me, my messy house, and all my crazy ideas for all these years without kicking me out. On top of that, you gave me the two best gifts in the world with our son and daughter. Sure, I like gadgets and camera gear and pretty things, but none of that compares to this amazing family that we’ve built together. Thanks for saying “I Do” all those years ago, and for sticking it out with me. Happy Anniversary!




To Hubby On Our Anniversary

Sugarland Concert 5/29/09

Happy Anniversary to my husband, who has now been putting up with me for seven years. It’s been over eight years now since that first bump on the dance floor and there’s no one else I’d rather bump into. It hasn’t always been easy – for either of us – but we’re figuring things out. I kind of feel like we’re finally hitting our stride after seven years.

I love you for just being you, for putting up with me, for always being there, for letting me be who I am, and for giving me the two most beautiful children in the world. I hope we have many, many, more years together.

This kind of love is what I dreamed about
Yeah it fills me up
Well baby it leaves no doubt
This kind of love it’s why I’m standing here
It’s something that we can share
I can’t get enough of this kind of love

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