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7 Months

Today Zachary turned seven months old. In the last month it seems like he has changed from a helpless infant into a very charming little man. In no time at all he learned to sit up, crawl, talk (well, he can say “dada” over and over and over again), pull himself up to a standing position, and even grew two teeth. He has learned to communicate when he wants to be picked up and when he wants to be put down. He responds when spoken to (usually with “dada”) and looks up when you call his name. And seriously, this kid has the most amazing laugh I’ve ever heard. I could sit around for hours tickling him just to hear him laugh. I am so in love with him and even though I’m not sure it is even possible, I think my love for him gets stronger every day.

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Developmental Milestones Galore

I really should be working and getting caught back up, but I really just want to be blogging.  I haven’t written anything in over a week and it is about to drive me nuts.  I didn’t realize just how much I missed it until today when I actually sat down in front of a computer again.  So, I figured I could just write something short and sweet and get it out of my system for a little bit.  Plus, I really wanted to share some exciting new developments.

Zachary turned 6 months old yesterday.  Can you believe it?  Half a year has already raced by.  I just cannot believe how quickly the time goes when you have children.  Three days before he hit that 6-month mark (Friday) he said his first word, which of course was "dada".  His daddy was awfully proud but I had to bring him down a little when I told him that most babies do say that first and that Zach most likely has no idea what it actually means.  It is still pretty exciting anyway.  Then, on Christmas Eve as we were sitting in church I discovered that he has two little teeth just about ready to pop through the gums.  My boobs are definitely not looking forward to the teeth, but I am looking forward to him being able to eat some real food (that baby food is expensive!) once he gets a couple more teeth in.  Also, he is really close to being able to sit up by himself.  As long as he has a toy or something he is interested in he will sit up.  If he doesn’t have a distraction, he flops right over.  It is kind of funny to watch.

Anyway, there is my baby update.  I was just dying to get that out.  Now that you all have been informed, I will go back to work.  Hopefully tomorrow I will have pictures.


Just When I Needed You Most

Zachary is one sick little baby. I got an e-mail from the baby-sitter halfway through the day on Tuesday saying that I didn’t have to come pick him up, but that if I could or wanted to come get him he wasn’t feeling very well. He had been coughing for a couple days but there weren’t any other symptoms and it didn’t seem to be bothering him too awfully much. So, I went and picked him up and he was just miserable.

Yesterday I called in to work and stayed home with him. Yesterday morning it started snowing. All day long, it kept snowing. Hubby came home from work early, which allowed me to actually get a little bit of work done that I had brought home the day before. We kept watching out the window and it kept snowing. This is what we woke up to this morning:

dec_05 025dec_05 021

We ended up with about a foot of snow. Since hubby got the ok to go into work late today, he set out to shovel the front circle drive. I think he spent about an hour outside shoveling. Then he shoveled the driveway just enough to get my car out of the garage and park it in the front (we always do this when it snows because our driveway is a bitch when it gets icy. we can’t even get out with the 4-wheel drive!).

dec_05 022

I was a good wife while he was out there freezing his butt off and fixed him a nice big mug of hot chocolate to warm him up a bit. Shortly afterward, he set out for work. Last I talked to him his truck had already gotten stuck twice in the snow.

dec_05 060

Since it is yucky out and Zach is still sick, I got another day at home today. I hate that my baby is sick, but the last two days have been absolutely wonderful for me. I have been so busy lately and really needed a couple days to wind down. So, Zach and I have been doing lots of snuggling and laying around. I have also taken the opportunity to get a few Christmas gifts wrapped. I’m pretty sure Zach thought I was going to wrap him up too!

dec_05 037

I finally got him down for a nap IN HIS CRIB so that I could get some blogging time in before I have withdrawls. I need to finish wrapping up a few more gifts and then fold some laundry before he wakes up, so I should get going. My mom is going to come over tonight to hang out because she’s tired of being cooped up in her apartment by herself so I need to clean up a bit too.

But, before I go, I can’t resist posting this photo:
dec_05 065


Poor baby

What’s worse than having to stay home cause you are sick? Having to stay home because your sweet little helpless baby is sick.

I took Zach to the doctor yesterday for his 4-month check-up and immunizations. He did really well at the doctor’s and then ended up staying with me at work the rest of the day. He was a little fussy after the shots, but not too bad. As the night progressed, he started getting more and more fussy. I could tell he wasn’t feeling too good. He had a bit of a runny nose and was coughing every once in a while. He fought me when I tried to put him to sleep, but I finally got him in bed around 9:30.

He woke up about an hour later and I brought him to bed with me to snuggle for a bit. He didn’t wake up again until about 1:30 but he was burning up. I fumbled around and gave him a dose of tylenol and he went right back to sleep. The tylenol helped knock the fever down a bit and at 7:00 this morning it was 100.6 degrees. I’m not sure what it was during the night, but he was much hotter.

So, I called in to work and told them I had a sick baby and had to stay home. All day long today he’s gone between sleeping and crying and then sleeping again. When he’s awake I can put him down for only about 5 minutes before he starts screaming again. I know he’s just miserable and I can’t stand it that I can’t fix it.

I just hate knowing that there’s nothing I can do to make him feel better. All I can do is hold him and snuggle with him and hope that it helps just a little bit. It just breaks my heart to hear his pathetic little cry and know how miserable he is. I really hope he is feeling better tomorrow.

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