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Month: January 2006

Home Again

Zach and I managed to get another day home by ourselves today. I woke up this morning with a really nasty, red, swollen up eye. When I first woke up I could barely even open it. Now the swelling has gone down a bit but it still hurts and is bright red. I’m just hoping it’s not pink eye. I’m certainly not minding the time at home though. I was really dreading going into work today.

On the bright side, I just finished cleaning out my closet and pulling out all of the stuff that is now TOO BIG! I think it is the first time I’ve ever had to do that and it felt pretty darn good.

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7 Months

Today Zachary turned seven months old. In the last month it seems like he has changed from a helpless infant into a very charming little man. In no time at all he learned to sit up, crawl, talk (well, he can say “dada” over and over and over again), pull himself up to a standing position, and even grew two teeth. He has learned to communicate when he wants to be picked up and when he wants to be put down. He responds when spoken to (usually with “dada”) and looks up when you call his name. And seriously, this kid has the most amazing laugh I’ve ever heard. I could sit around for hours tickling him just to hear him laugh. I am so in love with him and even though I’m not sure it is even possible, I think my love for him gets stronger every day.

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New and Improved…with more holes

For the last few months, I’ve really been working on improving myself. First and foremost, I’ve been trying to lose the extra pounds that I’ve put on over the last 4 years while working my office job. Well, I have officially lost the “office job pounds” as I like to call them. As of Monday I have lost a total of 29.5 pounds since November 1st. If I count from my pre-pregnancy weight I have lost 41 pounds.

I am really proud of myself for what I have done so far, but I still have quite a ways to go before I am satisfied. According to the Body Mass Index, I am still overweight, but am no longer obese. I suppose that is an accomplishment. Someday I would like to not be overweight.

I am starting to feel much better about the way I look and how my clothes fit. But, did you know that clothing styles, particularly pants, have seriously changed over the last 4 years? I pulled out all of my old clothes and was thinking, “Great, I have a whole new wardrobe now!” I didn’t realize how much styles have changed. All of my old jeans have the regular cut waist rather than the low-rise or mid-rise that I prefer now. And, they are not stretchy! How in the world did I ever live without stretchy jeans?!? They are so much more comfortable! Fortunately, the committee approved lastnight that after hubby gets paid on Friday I can treat myself to a new pair of jeans that actually fit (as long as I use my $10 off coupon at Old Navy). This will come in handy as I want to go out looking smokin’ hot for my birthday.

Along with the weight loss, I am looking for other ways to improve myself both in my appearance and emotionally. So, today I decided on a whim to go get another hole put in my ear. I have had three piercings on the left ear and only one on the right for many years now. Last year hubby got me some beautiful saphire earrings (that match my wedding ring) but I never wear them because I always have to have hoops in my first hole (I’m kinda weird like that). So, I went and had another piercing done on the right side so that I can wear the saphires in the second holes and wear the whole pair of earrings. Now I just gotta wait for it to heal.

The next step is my hair. I like my haircut, but I’ve basically had it the same for about 4 years now and I’m tired of it. It has gotten shorter and longer, but I always go back the exact same style (when I can find someone to cut it right for me). So, I’m going to go short again. Really short. I’m still working up the courage but I’m pretty sure that’s what I want to do. I have done it once before and loved it. I just got tired of the constant trims to keep it that short. Right now I have so many baby hairs that are growing back in after the pregnancy shedding that it would be a really good time to do it, otherwise I’m just going to be really frizzy for a while.

I’m still working on finding some gym time in my busy day. You would think it wouldn’t be so hard since the gym is in my basement, but it is. About the only time I can fit it into my day is after Zach goes to bed around 8:30 and by then I’m exhausted. I did at least get down there Saturday morning. Hopefully I can make that a regular thing even if it is only once a week.

So, the appearance improvements are coming along nicely. The next step is the emotional improvements and I’m not really sure where to start on that. I have started trying to find a little time just for me during the day and when I can, it seems to help. There are good days and bad, but hopefully soon there will be more good than bad. I guess all I can do is keep trying to take a little step at a time.

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I Want…

Usually I’m not that big into birthdays. I get a little excited as each year passes by (mainly because I know I get to go eat some really awesome meal and get a few presents) but it never is really that special to me. But, for some reason this year I’m really excited about my birthday. For instance, I know that it is 18 days away. I can’t remember the last time I actually counted the days until my birthday….at least not this far in advance. It just seems crazy to me that I’m so anxious for it.

I have even been making plans already. I know we’re going to go eat at The Cheesecake Factory with my family (my mom’s b-day is a few days before mine so we celebrate together). I have already sent hubby my Amazon wish list so I know I’ll get at least one good present. On top of that, I’m trying to get some friends together for a night out so I can party it up.

I’m just not sure why I’m so excited about it this year. I mean, seriously, 28 just isn’t that exciting! I think maybe it is just because I’m ready for a little time to celebrate me. For the last year or so I have been so focused on Zach that I really haven’t given myself too much attention. I’m working on that, but it is hard when you have a baby that is constantly needing you for something.

So, for my birthday this year I’m going to enjoy myself and celebrate my 28 years. I’m going to ship Zach off to my mom’s, maybe even treat myself to a haircut, get my friends together, and go out and celebrate me. Hopefully, I’ll get some really cool presents too.

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Is the Weekend Already Over?

Why do I always seem to be more tired Monday morning than the rest of the week? Weekends are supposed to be relaxing, but as much as I hate Mondays, I actually look forward to things slowing down a bit. Rockstar Mommy recently posted an entry titled “Weekends Are For People Without Children”. As I read that this morning I couldn’t help but to think how true that statement was. Before Zach was born weekends were so relaxing. Now, it just seems like I’m running non-stop all weekend long and have to wait for Mondays to relax.

All of that aside, I did have a really great weekend. I did not get my taxes done, but that can wait. I did actually get a little time to myself though which was very much needed.

Friday night we elected to stay home even though we had invites to two different places. Hubby watched a couple of movies while I played with Zach and got a little computer time in.

Saturday morning we slept in as late as Zach would allow, unitl 8:30. Then we got up and bummed around for a while, watched some shows on the Tivo, and played with the boy for a while. Then I very nicely asked hubby to watch Zach for a while and snuck away and spent 30 minutes on my treadmill which felt great. Then I got to take a nice, long shower and get dressed before my boob services were needed. It was very threrapuetic! After that, I felt so energized I did a major cleaning in the kitchen and rearranged everything. Then I moved on to the living room and computer room. The whole front of the house got a good cleaning up and it looked great! After that, we went out for dinner and then over to a friend’s house to hang out for the rest of the night.

Sunday we went to church, then rushed home so the boys could watch football. My dad and my sister’s family came over to watch the Steelers game. My dad, my sister, the kids, and I went over to visit my grandpa in the nursing home. He isn’t doing too well and we thought a visit might cheer him up a bit. We stayed there a while then went back to my house and visited a bit before everyone left. Just as my sister and her family were walking out the door Zach decided to crawl across the room! He’s been doing a kind of army crawl for a couple weeks now, but this was actually crawling with his belly up off of the floor. I was so proud of him. It topped the weekend off nicely.

I was actually in bed by 9:30 lastnight but am still super tired today. I hope I can get some good, restful sleep tonight or I’m not going to make it through the week very well.

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