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Just When I Needed You Most

Zachary is one sick little baby. I got an e-mail from the baby-sitter halfway through the day on Tuesday saying that I didn’t have to come pick him up, but that if I could or wanted to come get him he wasn’t feeling very well. He had been coughing for a couple days but there weren’t any other symptoms and it didn’t seem to be bothering him too awfully much. So, I went and picked him up and he was just miserable.

Yesterday I called in to work and stayed home with him. Yesterday morning it started snowing. All day long, it kept snowing. Hubby came home from work early, which allowed me to actually get a little bit of work done that I had brought home the day before. We kept watching out the window and it kept snowing. This is what we woke up to this morning:

dec_05 025dec_05 021

We ended up with about a foot of snow. Since hubby got the ok to go into work late today, he set out to shovel the front circle drive. I think he spent about an hour outside shoveling. Then he shoveled the driveway just enough to get my car out of the garage and park it in the front (we always do this when it snows because our driveway is a bitch when it gets icy. we can’t even get out with the 4-wheel drive!).

dec_05 022

I was a good wife while he was out there freezing his butt off and fixed him a nice big mug of hot chocolate to warm him up a bit. Shortly afterward, he set out for work. Last I talked to him his truck had already gotten stuck twice in the snow.

dec_05 060

Since it is yucky out and Zach is still sick, I got another day at home today. I hate that my baby is sick, but the last two days have been absolutely wonderful for me. I have been so busy lately and really needed a couple days to wind down. So, Zach and I have been doing lots of snuggling and laying around. I have also taken the opportunity to get a few Christmas gifts wrapped. I’m pretty sure Zach thought I was going to wrap him up too!

dec_05 037

I finally got him down for a nap IN HIS CRIB so that I could get some blogging time in before I have withdrawls. I need to finish wrapping up a few more gifts and then fold some laundry before he wakes up, so I should get going. My mom is going to come over tonight to hang out because she’s tired of being cooped up in her apartment by herself so I need to clean up a bit too.

But, before I go, I can’t resist posting this photo:
dec_05 065

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  1. Great pictures of the baby as always. It seems like Zach it feeling alot better. He’s PJs are sooo cute! That snow you had is now coming down here, and good. My 15 minute drive home turned into a 45 minute drive home. It has not stopped since about 1 pm. I’m sure I’ll have some pictures tomorrow too.

  2. great blog- I love all the pictures!!
    i can tell the little guy isn’t feeling well but it’s great to see him so dang happy while he’s with his mom!!
    Have fun with him and enjoy every minute at home while it’s so crappy outside.

  3. Hope the little guy is feeling better…

    I’m glad you got to enjoy some down time with him the past couple of days.

    And I just LOVE those little jammies! He’s too, too cute.

  4. Is Zach all better now? i hope so.

    i can’t stop imagining myself when it’s my turn to have my own baby. i think i’m gonna have to quit working, or start my own home-business so i can spend more time at home, because i just know i would love to spend the whole day with my baby.

    oh well. 😉

  5. Awww…sick baby! He looks like he’s somewhat happy though. Probably just missed his mama! I’m sort of jealous of your snow, but not of the shoveling or having to go places. I only like snow when I can stay home and look at it from inside. 😉

  6. So adorable. I hope he’s feeling better today and that you get a few minutes to unwind 🙂

  7. Jeepers! The last time I checked in on you, you were halfway through your pregnancy.

    Now, I find you here, and look at that adorable baby boy you have.

    Although apparently months late, congratulations on the birth of your very handsome son Zach.

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