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Usually I’m not that big into birthdays. I get a little excited as each year passes by (mainly because I know I get to go eat some really awesome meal and get a few presents) but it never is really that special to me. But, for some reason this year I’m really excited about my birthday. For instance, I know that it is 18 days away. I can’t remember the last time I actually counted the days until my birthday….at least not this far in advance. It just seems crazy to me that I’m so anxious for it.

I have even been making plans already. I know we’re going to go eat at The Cheesecake Factory with my family (my mom’s b-day is a few days before mine so we celebrate together). I have already sent hubby my Amazon wish list so I know I’ll get at least one good present. On top of that, I’m trying to get some friends together for a night out so I can party it up.

I’m just not sure why I’m so excited about it this year. I mean, seriously, 28 just isn’t that exciting! I think maybe it is just because I’m ready for a little time to celebrate me. For the last year or so I have been so focused on Zach that I really haven’t given myself too much attention. I’m working on that, but it is hard when you have a baby that is constantly needing you for something.

So, for my birthday this year I’m going to enjoy myself and celebrate my 28 years. I’m going to ship Zach off to my mom’s, maybe even treat myself to a haircut, get my friends together, and go out and celebrate me. Hopefully, I’ll get some really cool presents too.

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  1. My birthday is in 12 Days! Wooohhooooooo!

    Happy birthday in advance!

  2. 28 is important!! It’s the last birthday before “pushing 30” as I like to call it. 🙂 So enjoy it all you can!

  3. Oh gosh, i remember 28, actually I don’t, but i’m sure it was all good! enjoy the last couple years of your twenties!! I hope you have a great day (it sounds like your planning on it!!)!

  4. 28 was good. I enjoyed 29 more, but I liked 28.

    It’s nice to have something to look *forward* to. So be excited. And then go, and have a GREAT time. You’ve been working very hard, with work and Zach. You deserve a little *you* time. Party it up, my friend!

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