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Is the Weekend Already Over?

Why do I always seem to be more tired Monday morning than the rest of the week? Weekends are supposed to be relaxing, but as much as I hate Mondays, I actually look forward to things slowing down a bit. Rockstar Mommy recently posted an entry titled “Weekends Are For People Without Children”. As I read that this morning I couldn’t help but to think how true that statement was. Before Zach was born weekends were so relaxing. Now, it just seems like I’m running non-stop all weekend long and have to wait for Mondays to relax.

All of that aside, I did have a really great weekend. I did not get my taxes done, but that can wait. I did actually get a little time to myself though which was very much needed.

Friday night we elected to stay home even though we had invites to two different places. Hubby watched a couple of movies while I played with Zach and got a little computer time in.

Saturday morning we slept in as late as Zach would allow, unitl 8:30. Then we got up and bummed around for a while, watched some shows on the Tivo, and played with the boy for a while. Then I very nicely asked hubby to watch Zach for a while and snuck away and spent 30 minutes on my treadmill which felt great. Then I got to take a nice, long shower and get dressed before my boob services were needed. It was very threrapuetic! After that, I felt so energized I did a major cleaning in the kitchen and rearranged everything. Then I moved on to the living room and computer room. The whole front of the house got a good cleaning up and it looked great! After that, we went out for dinner and then over to a friend’s house to hang out for the rest of the night.

Sunday we went to church, then rushed home so the boys could watch football. My dad and my sister’s family came over to watch the Steelers game. My dad, my sister, the kids, and I went over to visit my grandpa in the nursing home. He isn’t doing too well and we thought a visit might cheer him up a bit. We stayed there a while then went back to my house and visited a bit before everyone left. Just as my sister and her family were walking out the door Zach decided to crawl across the room! He’s been doing a kind of army crawl for a couple weeks now, but this was actually crawling with his belly up off of the floor. I was so proud of him. It topped the weekend off nicely.

I was actually in bed by 9:30 lastnight but am still super tired today. I hope I can get some good, restful sleep tonight or I’m not going to make it through the week very well.

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  1. I love the “boob services” comment. Too true!

    Although you had a crazy weekend, it sounds like it was a productive one in that you were able to spend alot of time with your family.

  2. We’ve never really had ‘weekends’ since my hubby works shift work. sometimes our weekend falls on tuesday wednesday and thursday. since i had kids, even those days are the same. Everyday is exactly the same.
    routine, i’ve always hated it.

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