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iheartfaces – We Heart Kisses

Valentine’s Day is coming up and to celebrate, the iheartfaces photo challenge theme this week is “We Heart Kisses”.  The photo I picked this week happened a bit by accident.  We had a little more snow than expected last Friday and when I picked the kids up they were begging to play in the snow.  We played outside for over and hour and had fun making a snowman.  When I stopped to take some pictures of the kids with the snowman, Zach leaned over and gave the snowman a kiss.


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  1. I can’t get enough of those chubby face and rosy cheeks.

  2. that’s perfect! love the rosey cheeks and your little ones knit hat and scarf are beautiful! {are you a knitter as well?} we are in fort worth and just had a 12.5 inch snow…pretty incredible! it was my little ones first time out in “real” snow! yay! winter is so fun!

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