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Month: February 2010

I Want To Ride My Bicycle

I had this great idea for a blog post today, but it would require some thinking and concentrating and I no longer have that in me.  That’s the problem with blogging – by the time I finally sit down to write I’m out of energy.  So, instead of my tired brain, I’m posting more pictures.  You guys don’t mind, do you?

After nearly two months straight of cloudy, snowy weather, we had a bright sunny day today.  It warmed up just a little bit too, at least enough to let the kids get out and get some fresh air anyway.

Zach had been waiting since just before Christmas to try out the bike that Granny and Papa brought up for him.  Tonight he finally got a chance to try it out and he was so excited!  Luckily, since he can now ride on the big bike, his sister gets to use his old tricycle.





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Greeting Cards Made Simple

Being a full-time working (out of the home) mom can be exhausting.  There is always something being left undone due to lack of time or energy.  After working all day, feeding, bathing, and chasing kids around all evening, all you want to do is sit and relax.  That’s why simple things like sending birthday wishes or a “just thinking of you” card to a friend often fall through the cracks.  Even if you remember to buy a card, you may forget to actually mail them (not that I would ever do anything like that).   Thankfully, I just discovered, an online greeting card store that sends out real cards through the mail.

Not only does enGreet send out the cards for you, but they print and mail them within one business day.  You can choose cards for all kinds of occasions – holidays, birthdays, sympathy, friendship, etc.  You can even find some fun non-traditional cards.  You can customize each and every card to suit your needs, upload your own photos, and there are even several handwriting style fonts you can use to write a personal message.

Want to send some special Valentine wishes out but haven’t had the time to shop for a card?  For only $2.99 plus postage, you can have it out in the mail tomorrow!  The even have St. Patrick’s Day cards!  You can also schedule your cards to be sent out on the date you specify if you like to think ahead.

EnGreet also had an e-mail reminder service so you never forget a birthday or special date.  Soon, they will be integrating with Facebook as well and will be able to import your Facebook contacts’ birthdays.  They will also have an option to sign up for text message reminders when it’s time to send a card or follow up with a phone call.

I have a feeling is going to change the way I send cards from now on!

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The Big Game of Exhaustion

I am beginning to discover that there is a very direct correlation between how hectic my weekends are and how well the following week starts out.  When we have a nice quiet weekend, Monday morning don’t seem quite as bad.  When we have a very busy weekend, and particularly a very busy Sunday, I feel like I’m running to catch up all week long.  That’s the kind of weekend we had this week and I’m still feeling the effects on Tuesday morning.

We spent most of the day Saturday cleaning and getting the house ready for the big Super Bowl/Birthday Party on Sunday.  I don’t think it has had a good cleaning since mid-December so it was time.  Hubby didn’t understand why it needed to be cleaned, but it most definitely did.

Sunday morning we had to be up earlier than usual as our church was having a big Super Bowl celebration.  I had to get up extra early because I had a surprise for Hubby and needed to get the kids up and dressed without his help.  As part of the Soul Bowl celebration at our church we were all supposed to wear our favorite team jerseys/gear.  Since the kids didn’t have any, I secretly ordered them both a Saints outfit to wear as a surprise.  Yes, the surprise went over well!

IMG_1768 copy

Hubby was thrilled with the kids’ outfits and I even gave in and put on one of his Saints shirts too. I was glad I also had a few extra minutes to set the camera up and snap a few photos before we headed out the door. I got one good shot of the four of us together and it will definitely be remembered.


Daddy taught the kids to sing, “Who Dat?” and then we finally headed out the door for church. We had a yummy pancake breakfast, played lots of games with the kids, and then enjoyed a great worship service. Zach even got to try out his first real “hoop-a-loop” (hula hoop). It was lots of fun, but I was exhausted by the time we got home.


There wasn’t time to rest though, because it was time to start cooking up the Jambalaya for dinner. I put the meat on the stove, settled the kids down for a nap and movie, made a quick run to the grocery store, folded laundry, and finished up a few last minute things around the house. Then I finally sat down to rest for a few minutes just before everyone started arriving for the party.


Since my Mom’s birthday was on Saturday, and mine is coming up on Wednesday, our Super Bowl party got turned into a Super Bowl/Birthday party. My sister made us a yummy cake and even decorated it in my favorite color. With the Saints in the big game, the birthday part got a little overshadowed this year, but that’s ok.


During the game things got a little tense. I laughed all week as Hubby told me that it didn’t matter if the Saints lost; He just was happy they were playing in the Super Bowl. Just as I expected, he wasn’t too happy when the Colts were ahead. He wouldn’t even eat until the game finally turned around but after that things got a little more exciting.


For the rest of the game, Hubby was jumping up and down, screaming, and scaring poor Evie to death. She had no idea what was going on, but Daddy sure does yell loud! When the game finally ended and the Saints had won, I think there may have even been a tear or two from Hubby.

Saints Win!

Then Zach came in to see what all the ruckus was about and got swept up by Daddy.

Saints Win!

It was quite the celebration at our house! I’m so happy the Saints won and that Hubby will always have that memory of his team finally winning. It was a very fun day, but as I said, I’m still exhausted from all of the chaos. I think from now on the Monday after the Super Bowl should be a required day off of work.

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iheartfaces – We Heart Kisses

Valentine’s Day is coming up and to celebrate, the iheartfaces photo challenge theme this week is “We Heart Kisses”.  The photo I picked this week happened a bit by accident.  We had a little more snow than expected last Friday and when I picked the kids up they were begging to play in the snow.  We played outside for over and hour and had fun making a snowman.  When I stopped to take some pictures of the kids with the snowman, Zach leaned over and gave the snowman a kiss.


Head over to iheartfaces and check out some of the other We Heart Kisses Photos!

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Little Reminders

A few little reminders that were sent my way this weekend:

  • Praise for a job well done will encourage you to work harder.
  • Exercise is good for the heart and soul.
  • Cranking up the music and clearing your mind of all stress, even for a few minutes, is freeing.
  • When you go to the grocery store in sweats and a hat to cover the rat’s nest on your head, you will run into someone you know.
  • Letting down friends is heartbreaking, and will weigh on you until you make amends.
  • Watching old videos of your kids as babies will bring about four things – tears, laughter, desire for a new video camera, and an overwhelming urge to have more babies.
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