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Snow Day!

10/365 - Snow Day!

Yesterday we experienced our first official school snow day. As a working parent, this is a new one for me. I think we may have had one time ever that day care closed and nobody was getting out on the roads anyway. I found myself in a sudden panic over what to do with Zachary, although once Evie woke up I knew I was going to stay home. She is going through the most horrible cold ever and still wasn’t well enough to go back to day care.

We spent the day at home. I spent the day frantically trying to get some work done in between starting TV shows, giving hugs, dragging out toys, and refilling milk cups. The kids? They were thrilled to have another day at home. I worked up until about 3:30, when they finally convinced me to take them outside to play in the snow.

Hubby was home as well, but since he was on-call for work, I couldn’t leave him with the kids. With snowy roads, he would have needed to leave immediately if he would have been called out on a job. There wouldn’t have been a big enough time gap to wait for me to get home first.


All of this got me thinking about what other parents of school-age kids do when there is a snow day or teacher work day and the kids are out of school. I’m lucky that my boss doesn’t mind me bringing the kids to the office occasionally, and I’ve taken advantage of that several times this year already. The problem is, I’m not sure how long he’ll put up with it. I certainly don’t want it to become a nuisance. We’re on day two of snow days this week and since Evie could finally go back to day care, he came to the office with me. The good thing is that he is very well behaved at the office. As long as he has his DSi or can play games on the Disney web site he’s a happy camper.

Somewhere along the way, we’re going to have to find a better solution though. There are several more days coming up that he’ll be out of school, and probably another snow day or two, not to mention Spring Break or SUMMER(!). We were lucky to have the in-laws here over winter break to help out, but we can’t expect them to do that every year. We don’t have a regular baby-sitter (Grandma, aunts, and uncles are nearby when we need an evening out) and Zach has decided that he’s way too old to go to day care with his sister (plus her cut-off is 5 yrs) so I’m just kind of stuck. We don’t know a lot of people that live nearby that might suggest a sitter in our area either.


What I would really love to find is a local college student that would be available on those days, but how do you even go about finding someone like that when you don’t know any? What do other people do with their kids when there’s no school and they have to be at work?

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I Want To Ride My Bicycle

I had this great idea for a blog post today, but it would require some thinking and concentrating and I no longer have that in me.  That’s the problem with blogging – by the time I finally sit down to write I’m out of energy.  So, instead of my tired brain, I’m posting more pictures.  You guys don’t mind, do you?

After nearly two months straight of cloudy, snowy weather, we had a bright sunny day today.  It warmed up just a little bit too, at least enough to let the kids get out and get some fresh air anyway.

Zach had been waiting since just before Christmas to try out the bike that Granny and Papa brought up for him.  Tonight he finally got a chance to try it out and he was so excited!  Luckily, since he can now ride on the big bike, his sister gets to use his old tricycle.





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iheartfaces – We Heart Kisses

Valentine’s Day is coming up and to celebrate, the iheartfaces photo challenge theme this week is “We Heart Kisses”.  The photo I picked this week happened a bit by accident.  We had a little more snow than expected last Friday and when I picked the kids up they were begging to play in the snow.  We played outside for over and hour and had fun making a snowman.  When I stopped to take some pictures of the kids with the snowman, Zach leaned over and gave the snowman a kiss.


Head over to iheartfaces and check out some of the other We Heart Kisses Photos!

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It has been over a month now since I’ve written a real post here – one with actual words and thoughts and stuff.  I’ve kept up with Facebook, but I’ve gone days at a time without posting on Twitter(!) and my other blogs are crying because they think I’ve forgotten them.  The good news is that I’ve been living life in the real world and enjoying nearly every minute of it.


Over the holidays, we had a house full. Hubby’s mom and dad came up from Alabama and his brother and his family drove all the way here from Utah to spend Christmas with us. We don’t get to see them often, so it was really nice to get to spend some time together. I was bummed to have to work most of the time they were here, but when you do bookkeeping for companies that run on a calendar year, year-end is not the time to take vacation. We ate lots of yummy food, saw Avatar, braved a snow/ice storm on Christmas Eve, enjoyed a chaotic Christmas morning, watched the Chiefs get beat by the Broncos, made an “adults only” trip to Lawrence to meet up with friends, had an early birthday celebration for my niece, and had a blast watching our four kids all play together. It was a lovely two weeks and we were so sad to see everyone head back home.


While our company was still here, Zach and Evie both managed to come down with a nasty stomach bug. Zach was down for an entire week with it and Evie for about 4 days. Just when we thought Zach was getting well again, he started up an awful sounding cough. After three days of that, I took him to the doctor and found out he had a sinus infection. Hopefully the antibiotics will get things cleared up and he will start feeling well again.


Also over the last month or so, I’ve put my web design cap back on. I somehow agreed to create a new web site for the church we’ve been attending. I’m doing it the easy way, using WordPress as a CMS with a pre-made theme, but I’m having fun customizing it. I still have quite a bit to do, but I do like the direction it is going. I’m just really nervous about showing it to the team. It has been a while since I’ve done anything other than my own personal sites. I did get good feedback from a screenshot of the main page, but no one has seen it live yet.


Throughout all the craziness, I’ve been spending every free moment I have trying to learn how to use my new camera. I was able to buy a few accessories for it, including a 50mm lens, with some Christmas money I received. Plus, my boss loaned me several of his lenses to play around with. Straight out of the box, I could tell a difference in photo quality but I can’t wait to see how much better my photos get after I learn more about what I’m doing. Starting at the end of January, I’m going to be taking a short basic photography course with a friend. Hopefully that will give me the little push I need to start shooting in manual mode more often.


That pretty much wraps up the last month, unless you want to hear about all the snow we’ve been getting and the frigid temperatures. Seriously, I can’t remember ever getting this much snow at this time of year (those pics are from before the last 2 snows!). It really makes me wish I had a garage that I didn’t have to drive down a slippery slope to get to! My poor car is hating me for parking it outside.

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Fun in the Snow

Every year when the middle of December hits we get super busy at my job.  All of a sudden we’re in a rush to get the end of year bookkeeping done and packing things up to start the new year.  So, of course, this is when my children choose to get sick.  I was feeling pretty cruddy all weekend due to a head cold and sinus pressure.  Then Evie came down with a stomach bug Sunday night and Zach woke up with a stuffy head Monday morning.  Even though I hated to do it, I called in sick Monday.  With all three of us down there was just no point in trying.


Tuesday morning we woke up to snow, which had Zach all excited.  Evie was still sick and the roads were pretty horrible so we ended up staying home again.  Zach begged all day to go play in the snow but I couldn’t send him out on his own and I didn’t want to take Evie out so he had to wait.  He was just dying to make a snowman (he’s been watching Frosty a lot!) so when Daddy finally got home I bundled him up and sent him outside.


I couldn’t stand not taking a few pictures, so I got my biggest coat and zipped Evie up inside it with me and went out with my camera.  It was then that Hubby asked me how to make a snowman.  Growing up in South Louisiana, he doesn’t exactly have a lot of experience with that.  I tried to explain, but didn’t want to dig my own hands into the snow so we eventually gave up and found an alternative snow activity – sledding!

Sliding down the hill with Daddy

The only problem was that we don’t own a snow sled.  Hubby suggested we use the lid from the garbage can in the garage and it actually worked out great.  Zach (and Daddy) had a great time sliding down the hill in our yard.  Evie was a little jealous, but there was no way I was letting her out into the cold.  She kept twisting her head around so she could see them while I was trying to take pictures and videos of the boys.

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