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Blast From the Past

This morning when I checked my e-mail I had a message from someone at So, I click on the link to go to the website and get this nice little message that I have to sign up for their gold service to get the message. Ugh! Of course they want to make some money so I can get an e-mail from an old friend. Because it was from someone who used to be a very good friend, I gave in and signed up for a 3-month membership (the cheapest possible).

The girl I got the email from was a really good friend of mine for several years during the early high school days. She was contacting me because she thought I might be interested in getting information about the 10-year reunion. Heck yeah I’m interested! I only attended school there during my 8th, 9th, and 10th grade years, but all of the fond memories I have from high school are from that school and the people there. When I left there things kinda went downhill for me.

I immediately e-mailed her back and I can’t wait to hear from her again so we can catch up a bit. It was just enough to add a little sunshine to my otherwise dreary day.


Not so bad…

So the in-laws aren’t so bad. I have really missed getting to hold Zach while they are here, but I was actually able to get a lot of stuff done because they were holding him so much. He got really fussy lastnight so I stole him back and got some good mommy snuggling time in.

We finally got some really good professional portraits done of Zach on Saturday. I really liked the way they came out. We had them done at Portrait Innovations. Everything is digital. They print your pictures out there and you get to take them home in about 20 minutes. I’m definitely going back there again. I was very impressed.

Otherwise, we had a pretty uneventful weekend. I finally got a little bit of sleep which was very nice.

Two more days of the in-laws visiting and then life can return to normal again.


Oh, the things I could do….

…if only there were 10 more hours in a day. With those 10 hours I would be able to:

  • go grocery shopping
  • cook a somewhat healthy meal
  • spend time playing and just having fun with Zach
  • clean my house
  • wash, fold, and put away all of my laundry
  • wash and put away all the dishes
  • spend a little bit of time with my hubby
  • take my dog for a walk
  • work out
  • finish the website that I promised months ago
  • fix my computer
  • finish decorating the baby’s room
  • put Zach’s 1-month pictures in frames and hang them up
  • fill out Zach’s baby book
  • spend a little time relaxing
  • SLEEP!