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Blast From the Past

This morning when I checked my e-mail I had a message from someone at So, I click on the link to go to the website and get this nice little message that I have to sign up for their gold service to get the message. Ugh! Of course they want to make some money so I can get an e-mail from an old friend. Because it was from someone who used to be a very good friend, I gave in and signed up for a 3-month membership (the cheapest possible).

The girl I got the email from was a really good friend of mine for several years during the early high school days. She was contacting me because she thought I might be interested in getting information about the 10-year reunion. Heck yeah I’m interested! I only attended school there during my 8th, 9th, and 10th grade years, but all of the fond memories I have from high school are from that school and the people there. When I left there things kinda went downhill for me.

I immediately e-mailed her back and I can’t wait to hear from her again so we can catch up a bit. It was just enough to add a little sunshine to my otherwise dreary day.

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  1. Yuk! I remember getting my invite for my 10-year reunion. They spelled my name wrong.

    I didn’t go. 🙂

  2. That pretty cool. Registering for is free I see. I always thought about doing it, but on second thought I don’t want to see those people. 🙂

    I’m glad someone you wanted to see emailed you.

  3. I had that happen with classmates too but I was able to post my email address in my bio somehow and get ahold of them. I miss my old friends from school.

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