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Who Needs Sleep?

After forcing myself not to write everything that popped into my head last week (because I would have spent every hour of every day blogging) now I am having writer’s block.  It might have something to do with Zach waking up about every two hours lastnight and the amount of sleep that I got because of that.  Not sure.  I do know that one of the times that I woke up to the sounds of a screaming baby I was dreaming about Pearl Jam.  Too bad I didn’t get to finish that one out.

We had a great weekend.  Zach has started taking a few steps with only one hand being held instead of both.  I got to spend almost two full hours yesterday just playing with him in the floor with no other distractions and it was awesome.

More later…if I can wake myself up.

p.s.  I’m trying this new thing out.  Really it is just for fun, but if I can publish a few articles in the meantime and make some money, it is even better.  Articles are automatically published after 200 clicks, so if you have some free time, go here and click away.

p.p.s.  That second link is fixed now and should take you to the one article I have submitted. 

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  1. Most of the articles I clicked on had dead links… Poo!
    Good luck with it- you should put a link to your articles here so we can click.

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