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Wastin' Time Like It Was Free

Bullet style because I’m too lazy to try to make these things all fit together any other way:

  • Tonight is the Shinedown, Godsmack, Rob Zombie show here in KC and I’m very, very, bummed that I will not be attending.  Three of my favorite bands playing all together in the same place and I’ll be at home cleaning my house and catching up on some tv time if I’m lucky (my shows are finally starting up again).  I love having a kid, but I sure do miss my concerts.  Instead, I made my own little Shinedown, Godsmack, Zombie show on my computer….minus the visuals and the crowd.
  • I ventured out into the world of podcasts this week.  I’ve heard about them and read about them, but never actually checked one out until now.  I have no idea why.  What I discovered is that I really like them but if I’m going to listen to them at work, I might as well forget about getting any work done.  Plus, headphones are a good thing…especially at work.
  • 2 1/2 days until the in-laws come.  My house is a mess and all I want to do is hang with the kid and the hubby and get my time in before I have to share them.  I suppose I should at least put some sheets on the bed in the guest room and maybe get rid of the inch of dust that has collected in there.
  • Zach has been waking up early the last few days which makes it really difficult for me to get myself ready and out the door on time.  I’m guessing that part of the reason he is waking up so early is that it is getting cold in his room.  It is still too warm in the afternoons to even think about turning the heat on, but it gets pretty chilly at night.  He won’t keep a blanket on so I have to dress him in those fleece all-in-one jammies with the feet to keep him warm.  So, I went to Wal-Mart today to pick some up as he’s outgrown last year’s.  I had to buy a freaking 3T to fit him.  The 2T’s are too short for him.  Last Spring he was just outgrowing the 12 month size.
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  1. Umm….I know another Zac down in Texas that would love nothing more than receiving the 2T fleece pajamas from the Zach in KC.

    Just saying. Unless you are saving up for kiddo #2, in which case, I suggest investing in large quantities of storage bins and more sanity than I have.

  2. Those jammie pictures are SO cute!!!

  3. Sheets might be a good idea 🙂

    Sounds like you a very busy.

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