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That was the first word utterred Sunday morning as I rolled over in bed. Every single muscle in my body ached. Did you know that even the muscles in your fingers can hurt? Well they can.  I’m better now, but still just a tad bit sore.

Overall the moving of the mother went well. We got all but a few last minute items in the truck and only had to make one trip to the house. We actually could have gotten everything in and had room to spare if I had been there to supervise when the boys started loading the truck. Instead, I was stuck at the new house waiting for the new refrigerator to be delivered. By the time I got over to the apartment to help load the truck, it was too late to rearrange the furniture that had already been loaded.  Regardless, it all got moved.

Unfortunately for everyone involved, my mom ended up feeling sick Saturday morning (and still is) so it made things a little more difficult than expected.  She wasn’t able to do a whole lot, being ill and all, so us kids all pitched in after we moved and spent the rest of the day unpacking and setting things up at the house.  There was still a lot of work to do, so we returned on Sunday and dug in again.

Hubby, Zach, and I left her house at around 8:30 lastnight and the house was at least liveable.  There are still several more boxes to unpack and usual decorating and rearranging that comes with a new house, but for the most part it is done. 

I am absolutely exhausted today.  I feel like I didn’t even have a weekend.  I’m also feeling slightly guilty about not getting to spend any real quality time with Zach this weekend, knowing that it was my last weekend to have him to myself for at least a month.  I know he had a great time playing with his cousins all weekend, but I still feel like he needed a little one-on-one mommy time.

Only 3 1/2 more days until the in-laws show up.  In the meantime I must get my house clean and figure out a way to get the dog puke smell out of the carpet (that’s a story for another time).  Plus, I really need some snuggle time with my boy.  I have a feeling I’m going to miss that a lot in the next month.

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  1. I think it so wonderful for your Mum. And what a wonderful family she has, you all pitched in and made it happen.

    Febreeze for the dog puke smell. I have cat puke smell.

    Hope your little one gets some good Mummy time….

  2. Gald to hear that the move went well. Sorry that you dodn’t get much of a weekend though.

    I hope your mom feels better soon.

    As you get the house ready for the in-laws, remember that they are coming to visit not see the house…so I say take the time for snuggles.

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