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'Tis the Season for Giving

Indeed the time is upon us…already.  I’ve been a little put off by the Christmas songs already streaming across the radio stations and all of the Christmas decorations that were in stores even before Halloween this year.  It always seems early, but this year it feels like retail stores are in an even bigger rush to push the shopping upon us.  It makes me wonder if they think people will buy more if it is out earlier.  It sure doesn’t work for me.  In fact, it just makes me not want to shop at all.

Unfortunately, the shopping is inevitable if I want to have gifts for those special people in my life come Christmas morning.  I’ve been picking up a few small things here and there for Zach, and really only have one more large item that I want to get for him.  I haven’t gotten it yet because I’m pretty sure it is going to require a trip to Toys R Us, which I try to avoid like the plague.   If my boss lets me off early tomorrow I may venture out there.  I need to pick up some birthday presents for my nephews as well and I guess that’s as good of a place as any to look.

The last couple of years I have done the majority of my shopping online just because it is much easier than getting out in the crowds.   I would much rather do a quick search and pay a few extra dollars of shipping than have to trudge through store after store looking for the exact item I want.  This year I have a few unique items in mind that can only be purchased online and I suppose I should get them ordered soon.  I’m waiting for a name drawing on my side of the family before I really dig in and still need ideas for a couple of other people.

I’m having no problems whatsoever coming up with ideas for Zach or myself though.  I’ve been updating our Amazon wishlists like crazy and keep having to stop myself when I want to add yet another item (linked in the sidebar for any family members who may want to refer back).  I also keep finding things I want for the baby, who will not even be here until three months after Christmas.  I’ve already started an Amazon baby registry and will hopefully venture out to Babies R Us or Target soon for those things that can’t be easily purchased online.

So yes, ’tis the season for giving and receiving.  I don’t want to sound greedy, but I do enjoy opening a few gifts and discovering just what my loved ones have picked out for me.  But, I enjoy watching others open their gifts even more.

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  1. I feel Christmas holidays are too fast upon us as well. I don’t know what it is – maybe because of the economy they are trying to get people into the buying mood faster or something.

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