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The Bites

The Bite-1, originally uploaded by deew27.

I tried to get a picture of the bites on Zach’s face but I had a hard time capturing it the way it really looks. As bad as it looks in the pictures, it looks even worse in real life. I’m just afraid of what it will look like tomorrow when the bruising comes out.

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  1. Poor little guy!

  2. Oh dear Lord. What were the consequences for the other kid? I hope the parents took it seriously. I mean, sure, kids bite and to a certain extent that is normal, but hopefully the parents took it seriously. Because THOSE bites? Are scary.

  3. owww!!! i just read about the bites! i can’t see the photo though, it’s being blocked here at work but i;ll peek at it from home. I would have freaked out too!!!

    Kisses for zach~

  4. dee dee

    I’m not sure what the consequences were for him at home, but I do know he will not be returning to day care. The day care provider just does not tolerate aggression and that was definitely more than a playful bite. She did make sure that the parents saw Zach’s face when they picked their son up so they would know how bad it really was.

  5. Oh my God! I had no idea that he was bit that severely!! I am so glad that the daycare provider took the incident seriously and will not allow the child to come back.

    That is just awful. Poor guy!

  6. Wow…that other kid got him good! Poor Zach – I hope everything goes OK.

    I found your link as a referral in my stats, so I thought I’d come visit. Great place you got here, and good photography!

    Take care; I’ll stop by again when I can.

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