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Not So Deep Random Thoughts

Is it a bad thing when the inspirational messages inside my Dove chocolates wrappers (yes that’s plural) piss me off?  And really, what does that say about me?

I wonder if the need to protect my child will ever go away.  I’m guessing I’ll still feel it when he’s 40.  The bite at day care is still nagging at me.

I’m quickly inching towards 29, and while that doesn’t really worry me, the fact that I’m that much closer to 30 kind of freaks me out.  Too bad I can’t just stop having birthdays after this year.  I suppose I should just embrace it and move on.

Speaking of freaking me out, a couple of days ago I went to the restroom at work (exciting, huh?) and there was another woman walking into one of the stalls.  When she saw me she freaked out, said she had stage fright and walked out of the bathroom.  When I was finished and walked out of the bathroom she was standing by the door waiting to go back in.  Apparently not only does she have stage fright but she can’t be in the bathroom if someone else is peeing.  I wondered what in the heck she’s going to do if she ever has kids.

Free music is totally awesome!  I entered a contest on a music blog a while back and won a free Lucinda Williams cd.  I probably would not have bought it on my own but I am enjoying listening to something a little different today.

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  1. um, yeah, i have a really tough time using the bathroom if i think anyone can hear me. but i never had a tough time using the bathroom with the kids around when i was a nanny, even when we were in a public restroom and i had to bring them in the stall with me. i guess it just feels very different, ’cause i don’t think they really think about it at all when they’re 2 years old. 😛

  2. See now, I wouldv’e stood inside that bathroom and tested to see how long she is really willing to wait. LOL

  3. SO with you on the 30 thing.

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