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So Hard to Work When You Want to Blog

First of all, I just want to share that April (aka Sashasmomma) made it through surgery and is doing okay. You can read more about it on Alicia’s blog. I’m really glad that the surgery went well and am wishing her a quick and healthy recovery.

My little brother gave me a copy of Dreamweaver lastnight. I am super excited about this because I’ve been wanting to get it for a long time. It will allow me to create my web sites much more quickly (as soon as I learn the program) because I won’t have to spend so much time hand coding everything. So, if you’ve been waiting for something from me, I might be able to finish it a little more quickly now. My brother rocks!

Zach decided lastnight that he wanted to eat a pickle. I wasn’t quite sure if he was ready for it yet, but he kept holding his hands out asking for it so I gave it to him and he absolutely loved it! I took some pictures and a video of him eating it. If you want to see the video, leave me a comment and I’ll e-mail you the link to it. It is pretty cute. All the girls in the office were going nuts over it this morning.

I found out this morning that Zach’s day care provider is pregnant. She’s been trying for a while, so I’m really happy for her. It just makes day care arrangements a little more complicated. She plans on working right up until she has the baby, but I’m sure there will be days off for doctor’s appointments and things. Then of course there will be a few weeks after she has the baby that I will have to find other arrangements. I really need to find a back-up sitter. I guess this will just push me a little more to find someone.

I suppose I should get back to work now. The weather is yucky out today so I’m gonna try to get out of here early if possible. Hopefully I’ll stay home most of the weekend. I have an exciting day of doing my taxes on Saturday so I need to rest up!

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  1. Oh yea! Dreamweaver! That will help you get started on all kinds of fun stuff.

  2. Oh, oh I wanna see. Send it to the sbcglobal email. I bet he looks darling!!!!

    Well maybe this give you enough time to start lookin for new day care, just in case.

  3. i’ve heard a lot about dreamweaver but these days i don’t have the time to dive into new software like I used to. Have fun with it!!

    i’d love to see that video of Zach!

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