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Happy Easter!


Holidays are so much more fun when you have kids (or in my case, a kid).  I have always loved Easter, but the years in between when I was a kid and when I had a kid of my own just weren’t quite as much fun.  We spent the entire weekend with my sister and her family and had a really great time.

Friday night we attended the Good Friday service at our church.  It is always a rather somber service, but you certainly couldn’t have figured that out by the noise our kids were making.  Between Zach, my two nephews, and the other little boy behind us you could have sworn you were standing in the middle of a playground during recess.  They were all hyped up for some reason.  After church my sister overheard a couple of older church ladies being negative nancies and commenting on the noisy kids.  It’s a good thing the preacher doesn’t seem to mind.

After church, my dad went with us to our new favorite eating establishment, Granite City Brewery.  The food there is great and from what I hear the beer is too.  Too bad I can’t stand the stuff.  After dinner we went back to my sister’s house, where my mom met up with us and watched movies until we were all falling asleep.

Saturday morning we took the boys to church for the annual Easter egg hunt.  They all seemed to have a good time.  Zach figured out how to pick up the eggs pretty quickly, but every time we made him put his eggs in his basket, he got really upset and started crying.  He didn’t quite get the concept that he had to put one egg down before he could pick up another one.

After the egg hunt, we had lunch and then went bowling.  It was interesting trying to bowl while passing two babies back and forth in between turns.  I think I bowled the worst two games I have ever bowled in my life.  My 6-year-old nephew even had a higher score than I did.  Of course, he had the benefit of the bumpers though (that’s what I keep telling myself).  I don’t even remember what my score was now because I’ve been trying to erase the memory from my head ever since it happened.

Sunday morning we got up and went to church.  Apparently the Easter Bunny decided to visit the boys at my dad’s house, because when we got there after church, there were Easter baskets and eggs everywhere.  Again, Zach didn’t really like putting the eggs in his basket, so the other two boys ended up with most of the loot.  Zach didn’t seem to mind though, he was much more interested in the toys and books that were in his basket.

We had a nice dinner and a relaxing afternoon at my dad’s house.  Zach and I even got a quick nap in.  Then we headed back home and back to reality where there were dirty dishes and a ton of laundry to be done.  I sure do miss the days when I got the Monday after Easter off and could sit around being lazy and eating chocolate all day.

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