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Another First

So did I happen to mention that I’m leaving my baby overnight for the very first time this weekend?  Because I am.  And now I’m starting to freak out just a little bit about that.  I have no doubts that he’ll be just fine.  I’m more worried about how I will handle it.

Saturday night I’ll be attending a bachelorette party.  For the party, they chose a venue that has a hotel right next door so that nobody has to drive home and everyone can partake in the festivities.  I didn’t want to look like a wuss so I agreed to stay overnight with the girls.  Hubby is going to Rockfest and will be gone until pretty late that night, so Zach is staying at Grandma’s house.  ALL NIGHT LONG.  I bet I wake up bright and early Sunday morning ready to go fetch my little munchkin.  I miss him already just knowing that he won’t be in the room next to me.

I’m sure I’ll survive, but it is causing just a little bit of anxiety.  another first to write in the baby book someday when I get around to filling it out.  It’s a damn good thing I have my blog because otherwise I would have no idea when all these things happened.  Did I mention that he’s pretty much walking on his own now too?  My baby is growing up so fast!

Things might be a little scarce around here for the next week or two.  I’ve got lots of catching up to do at work before we leave next Friday for Phoenix and may not have much blogging time.  I’m so excited for our trip, but a little nervous about being around hubby’s family.  It will be the first time since my BIL died and could be pretty emotional.

Anyone have any ideas for entertainment in the Phoenix area?  Please share ’cause I haven’t had time to look anything up yet.

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  1. How long are you there? Could you take short trips outside the city? Could you take an afternoon trip to Sedona? I have been to Phoenix so many times for friends and family, but usually just went out to eat, etc. I’ve always regretted that I didn’t get to see Sedona.

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