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Another Busy Weekend Ahead

I’m feeling bullety today, so here’s what’s going on with me:

  • I know I have professed my hatred for myspace before, but damnit I’m getting so hooked on that shit.  I’m not nearly as obsessive as my sister is with it, but I’ve found quite a few people I know on there, both family and old friends.  Lastnight I found someone that I was really good friends with in high school but haven’t talked to since the last day of my Junior year.  That was a helluva long time ago.  We chatted on YIM lastnight for a while and I really enjoyed catching up with him.  I’m just afraid that one of these days paths are going to cross on there that I don’t want crossing.  Internet and real life friends are mixing and that kinda freaks me out for some reason.
  • I have a ton of work that I should be catching up on right now.  I have to leave work early today to take Zach to his 1-year check-up at the doctor’s office.  I’m still not 100% positive that he did indeed have chicken pox because he only ended up with a few spots.  I’m hoping they can give a little insight about that.  He will also get more immunizations so I can look forward to having a fussy baby for the next day or two.  That should be lots of fun.
  • Tonight my sister-in-law and nephew from Louisiana are coming up for a visit.  I’m so excited to see them!  I’m hoping everything goes well.  We haven’t seen them since the funeral and I’m don’t know how difficult it may or may not be for them to be around hubby.  SIL hasn’t been keeping in touch with the family very much since then.  Our phone conversations have been very short so I’m hoping that the visit will go well.  She did send Zach a nice birthday present and card with a very sweet note in it.  Anyway, like I said, I’m very excited to see them, just a little worried about how emotional things might get.
  • Saturday night we are going down to Springfield to participate in my Aunt’s annual 4th of July bash.  There will be much food and fireworks to enjoy.  I’m really looking forward to seeing my family and showing Zach off some more.  They haven’t seen him for a while so I’m sure they will all be very impressed.  I’m anxious to see my cousins’ kids too.  We just don’t get together nearly often enough.  My SIL and nephew will be coming along for that too.  Hopefully they won’t get too bored around my family.
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  1. That should be fun to see your sister in law! Glad to hear Zach is doing okay.

  2. i sure hope that the doctor’s visit went just fine 🙂

    and i hope you had a blast over the weekend 🙂

  3. It sounds like you have alot going on. You will find your groove again…

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