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I’m in a little bit of a funk today.  I’m not sure why I just feel rather blah.  I don’t want to work.  I don’t want to write, but at the same time I do.  I’m just confusing myself.  Perhaps it is due to the very small amount of sleep I’ve gotten over the last couple of days.  Maybe I just had to many days off.  I just don’t feel like the usual me.

I think my database that holds all of my blog entries is feeling crappy too as it keeps giving me error messages.  I’m working with my hosting company to try to fix it, but I’m kind of scared of what might happen.  If things start getting screwy around here, you can bet I’m sitting in a dark corner somewhere fighting back the tears.  I love my blog.  I don’t want it to be screwy.  I was trying to add a new plug-in that would allow me to password protect certain entries when I discovered the problem.  I don’t think I did anything to screw it up.  I hope it gets fixed soon.

Speaking of how much I love my blog, this entry by Theresa really got me thinking the other day about how I view my own blog.  I’ve been finding lately that some days I really need to write and some days I don’t (not so much here lately).  Blogging for me is a both a hobby and an emotional release.  It is a record of my life.  It shouldn’t be about how many comments or page visits I get.  I love the comments, but that’s not the reason I do it.  My blog is an expression of me, of who I am inside.  This is where I keep it real.  In a way I think that my blog has helped me come out of my shell a little bit.  The more comfortable I get here, the more comfortable I am in real-life interactions.

I had more to write about this topic, but the words are just not flowing right now.  Maybe I’ll re-visit it later.  Blah. 

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  1. I’ve been writing my blog because I hope that when I am an old woman, I will be able to read my archives and remember what the heck I was doing 🙂

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