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18 Months

Dear Zachary,

A couple of weeks ago you turned 18 months old. With all of the holiday chaos and the illnesses around our house lately I haven’t had the time to sit down and reflect on your last month. I’m sure you have done some pretty amazing things that I need to record before I forget them.

Probably the biggest thing that happened in the last month was that I went out of town and left you alone with Daddy for four days. I knew that Daddy could handle you while I was gone, but I had a hard time being away from you for that long. One night away is bad enough, but I had to go to bed three nights in a row without any kisses or hugs from my little man. The worst part of it was that I ended up being sick the whole time so I couldn’t even drown my sorrows in a margarita (not that you should ever do that). I did have a great time on my trip but I don’t think I have ever been more happy to be home.

The weekend before I went to Portland, we helped your cousin Ryan celebrate his 2nd Birthday, which only served to remind me of how quickly you’ll be arriving at that milestone. I can’t believe how fast the two of you are growing up. It is so much fun to watch you play together. I realize that you aren’t actually playing together yet but you do manage to keep each other busy. When you aren’t fighting over toys you seem to have a really good time.

Celebrating Christmas was really fun with you this year. We spent Christmas morning at home, but also spent some time at both Grandpa and Grandma’s houses. You must have been a very good little boy this past year because you ended up with tons of new toys. You seemed to enjoy ripping the paper off to find out what was inside, but after a while you got bored and Mommy had to help you a little bit. Everyone must have known how much you love Elmo because he now has a very prominant presence in our home.

Over the last month of so you have developed quite a fascination with kids that are older than you. You’ve always loved playing with your cousin Dylan, but now you get excited any time you are around kids that age. I even bribed you to quit screaming in the car the other day by telling you that we were going to see J at day care.

You continue to amaze me daily by your amazing sense of balance, the many words you can say, and your ability to actually understand what I am saying to you. You seem to be quite an intelligent little boy (I guess you do take after your mom!). You still love to climb and tend to freak people out that aren’t used to watching you climb on things. While I do have to rescue you from time to time when you get too high, I usually leave you alone and let you explore. Your favorite place lately to climb is onto the kitchen table which isn’t really such a good thing.

You are also getting a little bit better at coloring without eating the crayons. I had to take the crayons away for a while because I was tired of fishing little colored pieces out of your clenched teeth. Either I’m getting better at stopping you before you get them to your mouth or you are doing better at using them for their intended purpose because most of your current crayons still have tips on them.

You are starting to get a little more coordinated with using a spoon and fork but still prefer to use your hands for most things. Much of your meal still ends up on your lap, but progress is progress, right? Your favorite food is now cheese. You will go to the refrigerator, hold onto both handles and yell "cheese!" until someone comes in to get you a piece. You will also ask for "wa-wa" (water), juice, drink, and "bob-bob" (SpongeBob fruit snacks) when you want them.

I usually end this with something mushy, to tell you just how much I love you. But all I can think of right now, is that I must be one of the luckiest mom’s in the world to have a son like you. Not a single day goes by that I’m not thankful that you are part of my life.

Love always,

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