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12 Months

I know this is a week late now, but I just finally got a chance to finish writing it and choose from the hundreds of pictures I’ve taken this month.

June 26, 2006

Dear Zachary,

One year ago today I was lying in a hospital bed waiting for your arrival. I was so anxious to see your face I could barely stand it. When you were finally born and I got to see your face for the first time I was instantly in love. I’m not sure I even knew that such a strong feeling could exist before that moment happened. I remember looking up at your Daddy and thinking that he must be feeling the same thing.

In only twelve short months you have changed from a completely helpless infant to a walking, climbing, talking toddler. Every month I think to myself that this age must be the best age. Then the next month I am surprised when I think the same thing again. Every little stage you go through is so much fun to experience.

During the last month you have really changed. You started walking on your own and even though you are still a little wobbly at times, you can pretty much get wherever you want to. Daddy and I have let you have a little more freedom in the house and you love to walk around and explore.

Along with the walking has come more and more climbing. I think you must be pretty intelligent because you can always figure out a way to get to those things that are just out of your reach. I love watching you use your toys to stand on so you can get just a little bit higher. One day I was sitting on the couch typing on my computer and before I knew it you climbed up into my lap. I was so surprised to see you up there.

My absolute favorite thing these days is to sit around and just listen to you talk. It is really just babble, but you seem to think you are having a totally legitimate conversation. Most of the time you are saying something like "dabba dabba dabba" like you are on the Flinstones or something. Sometimes you ask us questions and point at an object, but we’re not quite sure what you are asking. I wish I knew because I would love to be able to answer you correctly. You have learned how to tell Daddy and I what you want. You point with your finger and say words that we can’t understand, but we can usually figure out what you mean. When we can’t you are quick to let us know that we didn’t do the right thing.

Recently you have developed a favorite blankie. I made you a nice, soft, fleece blanket for your bedroom because it tends to get a little chilly in there in the winter. I never expected you to become so attached to it. It seems to be your comfort item. All I have to do is wrap you up in your blankie, give you a pacifier, and rock you a little bit to send you off to dreamland. It was really nice to have when we traveled to Arizona this month because I could easily get you down for a nap or bedtime.

Dinnertime has become very interesting with you lately. We’ve been working hard trying to get you to eat from a plate and use a fork or spoon. You really like the fork, but don’t really use it to eat with. You would rather play with it and throw it at Zeke. You really seem to have no use at all for the plate. You prefer instead to dump the food off of it and toss it in the floor. Sometimes (when I’m lucky) you hand the plate to me instead of tossing it. Then, once the food is dumped out on your highchair tray you like to smash it up real good with your hands. You have also decided that you have no use for bibs anymore so dinnertime is always nice and messy as well.

We had your birthday party a day early since your birthday was on a Monday. It was a Baby Einstein themed party. All of our family that lives close by was there plus most of our good friends. We had a barbeque where you chowed down on hot dogs and cheetos. Then we opened presents before letting you dig into your cake. You got a lot of really cool learning toys that will be good for you to play with now and as you get a little older. You had a great time eating your cake. You got to have your own little individual cake and tried to stuff the whole thing in your mouth at once. I think we had as much fun watching you as you had eating it.

This year, I have felt things that I never knew it was possible to feel. You have enriched my life and brought happiness to our family in so many ways. Every day that you are in my life, I feel like the luckiest mom in the whole world. I cannot wait to see what you have in store for us in the coming year. I love you so much!

Love always,

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  1. awww

    and though i’m a stranger to you Zach, i love you too. i have watched your year here. and boy, are you a lucky lil one to have a mom like yours 🙂

    dee, does hubby know about this site now? hehe

  2. Every time you do these posts I feel like I’m part of your family!! Happy birthday to the little man.

  3. This is a great post Dee,
    It’s amazing how they change so much in such a short time… Where are our babies going???

  4. Congratulations on your sons birthday. One is so special, so signifigant…
    That picture of him sleeping on the pillow, slack jawed…Awesome!

  5. I loved, simply LOVED your post!
    I don’t even know what to say. A mother’s love is so beautiful. I can’t wait to have my child and be able to give him/her all my love!

  6. Sylvia Sylvia


    Happy Birthday, Zach! Big kisses to you!

  7. Great Post. You should keep a record of these and give them to Zach for his 21st or on his wedding day. That’ll be something special!

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