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So Not Pink

I really hate the color pink.  Seriously I do.  It has something to do with the whole idea of pink being girly I guess and the fact that I’ve always been a bit of a tomboy.  I’m not really sure where it all began but ever since I’ve been allowed to choose my own clothes, I’ve never worn anything pink…until last week.  I bought a t-shirt in Arizona that is brown with pink writing on it.  I have since decided that pink is okay if matched with brown…cause you know, brown is the color of mud pies and that’s not too girly.

Since I was home alone tonight and had some time to spare, I thought I would spruce up the old blog a bit.  I’ve been really tired of the green for quite some time now and just hadn’t had a chance to do anything about it.  I like the brown/pink look for now, but that could change tomorrow when my sanity comes back. 


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  1. I like the new look! It’s very classy and soothing.

  2. I love it. I like pink with brown or black. It looks awesome

  3. You sound just like me, I LOVE pink and brown together and I also detested the color pink- until I had a daughter that everyone wanted to call ‘Fella’…
    Pink and I have become friends over the years. I do also own ONE pink t-shirt.
    Love the new blog look!

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