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Here We Go Again

Watching Dora

Last night Zach came up and snuggled up in my lap with a book.  I didn’t think anything of it because we frequently read books at night.  When he leaned up against my cheek I felt the heat coming off of his forehead.  I suddenly understood why he refused to eat dinner and begged to lay in my bed watching Blue all evening.  A quick check with the thermometer and I found he had 101 degree fever.

This morning we headed off to the doctor for a strep test because Zach had been around my nephews and sister last weekend when they had strep.  Fortunately, the test came out negative, but unfortunately, he has another ear infection.  The doctor suggested he might have a viral thing starting as well.  What I can’t figure out is the fever.  It goes down with a dose of Motrin but spikes back up as soon as the Motrin wears off.  He doesn’t usually have fevers like this with an ear infection (and we have plenty of experience with ear infections) so I’m thinking something else is definitely going on.  He’s also not eating which is very unlike him.

Zach and I spent the rest of the afternoon at home together.  He took a long nap while I tried to get some work done and then we spent the evening playing and watching a billion episodes of Blue’s Clues.  Right now he’s in bed trying not to go to sleep.  I hate the idea of sending him off to day care tomorrow but unless he gets much worse I’ll have to do so.

These are the times when I really hate being a working mom.

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  1. oh dear… i hope he feels much better soon. i can understand your not wanting to leave him, but he’ll be okay, having fun with other kiddos.

    also, that’s a beautiful picture of him. 🙂

  2. Ah! Poor guy!! I hope whatever it is works itself out soon.

  3. Hope Zach feels better soon…..

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