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Boys and Their Toys

It was late Saturday night and I needed to get Zach changed and ready for bed.  I gathered up a fresh diaper and his pajamas and wrestled him down to the floor to change him.  He fights me these days when it is time to change his diaper or clothes so I try to make it fun by playing around with him. 

I finally got him settled down enough and removed his diaper.  He had a pretty bad diaper rash going on, so I coated him in Desitin before putting on the new diaper.  During the process he kept trying to grab at his boy parts and I kept telling him no and blocking his hands so he didn’t get the Desitin all over the place.  I finally got the new diaper on him just as he looked up at me and said clear as day, “You MEAN!”

At first I was shocked because he had said a new word, but as soon as I realized what he had actually said I laughed harder than I have in a long time.

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