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Mommies Are Supposed To Make It Better

The Boots Can Only Mean One Thing....Snow!

I wanted nothing more than to stay at home with Zach today.  When I picked him up from day care yesterday I found out that he had been running a low-grade fever all day.  While the fever itself wasn’t really a big deal, I felt bad because I could tell that he just wasn’t feeling well.  The last couple of evenings and mornings have been absolutely miserable for both of us.  Zach cries and cries and gets so worked up that I eventually give in and give him a pacifier to help calm him down.  Once the pacifier is in his mouth, he will lay down on my chest and just moan over and over again.  We sat that way for over an hour last night before I was finally able to put him to bed and it started up again as soon as he woke up this morning.

The sky opened up and dumped a bunch of snow on us last night, but it wasn’t enough that I couldn’t get out so I bundled us up and took Zach to day care.  I didn’t get out the door until almost 9:00 which is pretty late considering I usually try to be at day care by at least 8:00.  Admittedly, I was moving a little slow to avoid the heavy traffic but it really took a long time to get Zach settled down enough that I could get his coat on him.  He fought me every step of the way this morning and by the time we left I was so extremely frustrated.

I hate not knowing what is going on with him.  Either he’s still feeling crappy from his mystery virus or his ears are still aching from his ear infection.  He has been on antibiotics since Thursday so the ear infection should be starting to get better.  I even checked in his mouth to see if he’s getting started on his next set of molars but didn’t see any signs of that.  I don’t have any other clues but I’m not sure I can handle another night of him screaming his head off and crying.  I don’t mind the cuddling part but I just want my happy little boy back.

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  1. Take solace in the fact that these things usually work out just fine 🙂

  2. awww… I hope Zach feels better soon.

    Mommies can’t ALWAYS make things better, though I’m sure they would love to….

    Take care!

  3. Poor Zach and poor YOU. Hang in there.

    {{sending good health vibes}}

  4. Yuck – Zach just looks miserable in that picture and I’m sure that you aren’t doing much better. I know how your heart must ache, especially when you are at work and away from him.

    I don’t doubt that you will get your happy boy back in no time. Until then, keep giving him all the love and affection that you can.

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