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Slow Week and a Halloween Sneak Peek

I really hate when I go this long in between blog updates because then I have so much to say I can’t decide what to write or where to start.  Plus, sometimes I make no sense.  There has been so much going on this week, yet nothing really blog worthy.

The hardest part of the week so far is that I’ve gotten very little sleep.  I’ve been getting up an hour earlier than usual every day so that I can pick my mom up for work.  She hurt her knee and can’t drive so I’m giving her a ride to and from work.  Plus, my kiddos are revolting against sleep schedules.  Evie no longer wants to go to bed at 8:00 and Zachary just doesn’t ever want to go to bed.  They’ve both got stuffy noses as well which isn’t helping with the whole sleep thing either.  On top of that, every night I seem to want to read just one more chapter of my book before I nod off which is keeping me up later than usual.

Evie is showing signs of wanting to be mobile, so (even though I’m not sure I’m ready for that) I’ve been trying to give her as much floor time as possible.  She’s pushing up on all fours and getting her belly off the ground, so it is only a matter of time before the baby gates have to come back out.  The best part though, is that Zach actually plays with her more when she’s down on the floor.

Other than that I’ve been keeping myself busy with some reading, using up the pears from our tree, making Hubby a Saints blanket for his football watching, and working on my Halloween project that will soon be featured over at Getting Crafty. Want a little sneak peek?  Sure you do.

sept_08 395

There will be a post up soon about these along with a big announcement so make sure and check in over at Getting Crafty or just subscribe so you can make sure not to miss it!

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