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Simple and Practical

Somehow on Saturday I managed to find a chunk of time where I was not being needed by anyone else.  Evie was napping, Zach was watching a movie, and Hubby was on his computer.  I suddenly found myself with absolutely nothing to do.  Instead of sitting doing nothing, I decided to go dig through my fabric stash and whip up a couple of things that have been sitting in the back of my mind for a while.

First up was this cute little camera strap cover.  The strap that came with my camera is fine, but when I’m carrying it around on all day outings, it tends to really rub my neck.  I made the cover out of a soft flannel fabric and it feels much nicer slung around my neck.  It is basically just a tube that slides up over the regular strap so it can be easily changed out for another one or taken off for washing.

Camera Strap Cover

Next, I used the same fabric, along with a coordinating striped fabric and made a small makeup pouch to take with me when we travel. I don’t wear a lot of makeup, and actually could have made this a bit smaller for what I do carry, but wanted just a small little bag to throw in a purse or suitcase for those occasions when I want to dress up.

Makeup Bag

Makeup Bag

Both were fast and simple projects. I love when I can make something useful and save a little money at the same time!

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  2. Loving both but I need to make a camera strap for mine. And you are right the strap does rub. You should do a tutorial on how to make both items!

  3. i’VE been thinking of making me a camera strap too, they’re just not available locally – i mean ones that look like yours 🙂 Good stuff you made 🙂

  4. Great idea for straps that rub. My Pentax straps rubs my neck like mad. And I could make different patterns to suit my mood. Thanks!

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