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Month: June 2009

Four Years Goes Fast

zach 090

bday 024

bday_07 159


Zach on his 4th Birthday

Happy Birthday to my big 4-year-old boy! You’ve helped make the last four years the best of my life.

(Yeah, the mushy mommy post is still coming as soon as I find the time to write it!)

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A Much Needed Vacation

So I know it’s been like two weeks since I updated this thing, but I have good reasons.  I was on VACATION! A glorious, relaxing, no-internet kind of vacation.  We drove down to Texas to attend Hubby’s cousin’s wedding (with no A/C in the car!) which was fabulous.  Then spent the next week just chilling out at a cabin on Lake O’ The Pines with the in-laws.  We had so much fun.  Evie loved playing with her cousin Mikayla.  Zach got to go fishing for the first time with Papa.  We all went swimming in the warm lake water, rode around on a pontoon boat, relaxed, and just enjoyed each other’s company.  It was just what we needed.

I took about a bazillion photos (ok, more like 500) which you can see the best of on Flickr, but here are a few of my favorites:

IMG_0202Jason & Chelsea saying their “I Do’s”

Evie & Daddy

Hubby with his Dad and Brother

Zach Fishing

Evie begging for “up”

My beautiful niece Mikayla

Zach on the boat

This week we’re adjusting back to our “normal” schedules, catching up on tons of laundry, and preparing for another quick trip out of town and a big birthday party this weekend.  I’m hoping things will slow down soon so I can get back to regular posting here.  However,  it appears that while we were gone my baby girl turned 15-months-old and somehow my other baby is turning 4 years(!) old on Friday, so you can expect some mushy Mama stuff the rest of the week!

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To Hubby On Our Anniversary

Sugarland Concert 5/29/09

Happy Anniversary to my husband, who has now been putting up with me for seven years. It’s been over eight years now since that first bump on the dance floor and there’s no one else I’d rather bump into. It hasn’t always been easy – for either of us – but we’re figuring things out. I kind of feel like we’re finally hitting our stride after seven years.

I love you for just being you, for putting up with me, for always being there, for letting me be who I am, and for giving me the two most beautiful children in the world. I hope we have many, many, more years together.

This kind of love is what I dreamed about
Yeah it fills me up
Well baby it leaves no doubt
This kind of love it’s why I’m standing here
It’s something that we can share
I can’t get enough of this kind of love

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Simple and Practical

Somehow on Saturday I managed to find a chunk of time where I was not being needed by anyone else.  Evie was napping, Zach was watching a movie, and Hubby was on his computer.  I suddenly found myself with absolutely nothing to do.  Instead of sitting doing nothing, I decided to go dig through my fabric stash and whip up a couple of things that have been sitting in the back of my mind for a while.

First up was this cute little camera strap cover.  The strap that came with my camera is fine, but when I’m carrying it around on all day outings, it tends to really rub my neck.  I made the cover out of a soft flannel fabric and it feels much nicer slung around my neck.  It is basically just a tube that slides up over the regular strap so it can be easily changed out for another one or taken off for washing.

Camera Strap Cover

Next, I used the same fabric, along with a coordinating striped fabric and made a small makeup pouch to take with me when we travel. I don’t wear a lot of makeup, and actually could have made this a bit smaller for what I do carry, but wanted just a small little bag to throw in a purse or suitcase for those occasions when I want to dress up.

Makeup Bag

Makeup Bag

Both were fast and simple projects. I love when I can make something useful and save a little money at the same time!


Another Fun-Filled Weekend

We had another busy, busy, weekend.  You would think that maybe I could just stop scheduling SO MUCH all the time, but I want to cram in all the fun stuff when we can I guess.

We started out the weekend with a date night for Hubby and I.  We had dinner out then got to see Sugarland in Concert which was just awesome.  Seeing them live made me love them even more than I already did.

Sugarland Concert 5/29/09

Saturday morning we go up and took the kids to see Up which was a fantastic movie. I missed a little at the end because Evie was getting restless, but I’m sure we’ll be buying it and watching it many more times. After that we had lunch, did a little shopping, then headed back to the house. Evie got a nap, Zach and Daddy watched Kung Fu Panda while I got in a little quality time with my sewing machine. Then after dinner we watched Bedtime Stories which is sure to become another favorite.

Sunday we spent the day at my mom’s helping her set up her pool in the back yard for the kids to swim in. They were so anxious we let them get in before it was filled and they had a blast playing in the cold water. Evie had her first true pool experience. It took her a while to brave the water but after watching the other kids having so much fun she finally decided to join them.



We had a great day hanging out with my mom, sister, brother, and their families. The kids were ready to crash when we finally got home. If it hadn’t been for the laundry I had to stay up for I think I would have gone straight to bed too!

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