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Another Fun-Filled Weekend

We had another busy, busy, weekend.  You would think that maybe I could just stop scheduling SO MUCH all the time, but I want to cram in all the fun stuff when we can I guess.

We started out the weekend with a date night for Hubby and I.  We had dinner out then got to see Sugarland in Concert which was just awesome.  Seeing them live made me love them even more than I already did.

Sugarland Concert 5/29/09

Saturday morning we go up and took the kids to see Up which was a fantastic movie. I missed a little at the end because Evie was getting restless, but I’m sure we’ll be buying it and watching it many more times. After that we had lunch, did a little shopping, then headed back to the house. Evie got a nap, Zach and Daddy watched Kung Fu Panda while I got in a little quality time with my sewing machine. Then after dinner we watched Bedtime Stories which is sure to become another favorite.

Sunday we spent the day at my mom’s helping her set up her pool in the back yard for the kids to swim in. They were so anxious we let them get in before it was filled and they had a blast playing in the cold water. Evie had her first true pool experience. It took her a while to brave the water but after watching the other kids having so much fun she finally decided to join them.



We had a great day hanging out with my mom, sister, brother, and their families. The kids were ready to crash when we finally got home. If it hadn’t been for the laundry I had to stay up for I think I would have gone straight to bed too!

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