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Tote Bag Patterns and Tutorials

Multimedia messageThis is the very first tote bag I made. I think I was more impressed than anybody that it actually came out as well as it did. I intended for it to be a small diaper bag/purse that I could carry for a quick outing or trip to the store. It has definitely been used for that, as well as many other things in the months since I made it.

Today there was a comment on my Flickr account asking me if I had a pattern for the bag. I do have a pattern. Unfortunately, I downloaded it and didn’t keep track of the website that it came from so I can’t link to it. I searched and searched today and still can’t manage to find it (if anyone recognizes the pattern and has a link please share!), but I did find some other great patterns and tutorials that I wanted to share.

Here are some that I’m hoping to try out soon:

If those are too easy for you and you are feeling a bit adventurous, you might also want to try experimenting with some adjustable straps like the ones in You SEW Girl’s Adjustable Strap tutorial.

Are there any other great patterns or tutorials out there that I missed? Have you tried any of these that I listed? Leave a comment and let me know!

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  1. Hi! Thanks for including my free tote pattern in your list! Very nice. My pattern is completely free to use, even for those who want to make them to sell. It’s pretty basic, but can be personalized in unlimited ways. The instructions and re-printing are copyrighted, but otherwise … visitors are encouraged to get crafty!

  2. […] can give me crap about it every time he sees it). Getting Crafty features an incredible post on tote bag patterns and tutorials. I love the idea of making my own tote, or making cute totes for the […]

  3. RJ RJ

    I think your pattern may have been from

  4. Dee Dee

    @RJ – I don’t think that is the same pattern, although it is similar. The one I used was posted on a blog years ago. jcarolinecreative does have some great patterns though!

  5. Laura Laura

    How do I get to your patternI love this and I need to make one for my neice.

  6. Laura Laura

    I found the pattern at Henrietta handbags!

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