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The Hard Decisions In Life

It has been almost two months since my last haircut and for about the last two weeks my hair has been driving me nuts. When I first got it cut I wasn’t crazy about the style, but finally decided I liked it because it looked cute down but I could still put it in a ponytail. For the last two weeks it has been in a ponytail every day. To me, that means the style isn’t working.

So now I have to figure out what to do with it. Again.

I’m not sure why this is always such a hard decision. I love my hair short. I love my hair longer. It’s just the in-between that always bugs me, which is where I’m at now.

I’m thinking of going short again (but not super short). The only problem with that is that it actually takes me more time to get ready in the mornings which I’m not sure I want. Getting myself and two kids up and ready in the mornings is hard enough.

But, as I said, the hair is driving me crazy right now. For one thing, I’m still in the midst of that post baby hair shedding. Seriously, you could make a wig out of the hair in my shower drain each morning. For another, Evie has discovered how fun it is to pull Mommy’s hair. Oh, and I have massive frizz going on thanks to the new little hairs growing in (due to hair falling out). Plus, it is thick (Thank God, since it is all falling out) and heavy and I can’t stand it down on my neck.

Yeah, so where was I? Yes, I need it cut. I just can’t figure out how exactly I want it cut. This pic (below) is one of my favorites (because I was much thinner there) and I really liked my hair that way but it takes a lot of upkeep to make it look nice. I’m more of a wash and go sort of girl.


But, it’s kinda funky because I straightened the front and left the back curly. A little strange, but I liked it that way.

That is sort of what I’m thinking of going back to but I’m just not entirely convinced that is what I want. So, I’m asking for suggestions. I need your help. Get out there on that great world wide web and find me some pictures of hair cuts that you think would look great on me. Please, please, please find a pic and leave me a link. I’m pleading with you people. I’m shooting for a Saturday morning haircut so you have until Friday night to find something that will make me look and feel fabulous.

Here are the only guidelines:

  • My hair is at chin length now so it has to be shorter than that
  • I have very heavy, very curly hair so it has to work with curls on days I don’t want to deal with a straightener
  • It has to be grow-out friendly, just in case I hate it.
  • The less maintenance, the better

Ok, go!

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  1. My opinion is of no value, since we’re strangers and all, but I heard from reliable super-cool stylist that curly is IN- and so are bangs, even if it’s just a little bit a bang. I have naturally wavy hair, so I was thrilled about accidentally being “in.” And when I want to take the time to do my hair, I can always straighten it with how she cut it. It’s kind of stacked in back, but not severely (because of not wanting to have it all weird growing out), she gave me a little bit of a side bang. The front is a little longer than the back and that’s that. It’s actually one of my favorite cuts ever. If only I could mail the stylist to you 🙂 That was A LOT of info. But what the heck, I’ll click post comment NOW

  2. dee dee

    That must be the popular style right now because that’s basically how my stylist did mine the last time – minus the bangs. It was great when she first cut it, but now that it’s grown out a bit I’m not liking it as much. I’ve seen a LOT of people with that same cut lately though. I may just get a trim and keep it that way a bit longer if I don’t come up with something else I like better.

  3. I like your hair short – it flatters your face. I am jealous – I would like to go shorter, but cannot with my round, ROUND face.

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