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Chunky Knits for Babies and Photographers

Back in December, I finally got the DSLR camera that I’ve been wanting for years.  Since then, my creative focus has drifted from knitting* and sewing to photography.  It is unbelievable how much I have to learn.  Not only do I have to learn the basics of photography, I also have to figure out how to apply that all to my camera.  In order to learn as much as possible, I’ve been checking out some photography forums and finally found Clickin’ Moms, which seems to be the best fit for me.

As I’ve been browsing around the forum, I have seen some amazing newborn photos.  Not only are they giving me some major baby fever (my baby is turning 2 in two weeks!), but also some baby knitting fever.  Almost all of my favorite newborn photos I’ve seen recently feature some adorable chunky knitted and crocheted items.  There have been some gorgeous hats, baby cocoons, stork slings, and blankets.  This photo session in particular just killed me.  And the yarn!  The beautiful shades spun in a thick-thin mix are driving me insane.  I have to find some of that!

All of this desire for chunky knitted baby items led me to search both Etsy and Ravelry.  I did find a few patterns I want to try, but (so far) I haven’t found the yarn I want.  I’m going to start looking around locally, but I do most of my yarn shopping at either Hobby Lobby or Joann’s and I don’t recall seeing anything like that.  I guess it’s time for me to graduate to a real yarn shop.

So, now I need some advice.  I need to find a good local yarn shop in the Kansas City area that would carry fun super chunky yarn and I need some fun patterns to go with it.  Anyone have any suggestions?

*Yes, I am still knitting when I can find the time.  I just keep forgetting to photograph my finished knits to post!  Seems to be a bit of irony there considering the topic of this post, eh?


Tote Bag Patterns and Tutorials

Multimedia messageThis is the very first tote bag I made. I think I was more impressed than anybody that it actually came out as well as it did. I intended for it to be a small diaper bag/purse that I could carry for a quick outing or trip to the store. It has definitely been used for that, as well as many other things in the months since I made it.

Today there was a comment on my Flickr account asking me if I had a pattern for the bag. I do have a pattern. Unfortunately, I downloaded it and didn’t keep track of the website that it came from so I can’t link to it. I searched and searched today and still can’t manage to find it (if anyone recognizes the pattern and has a link please share!), but I did find some other great patterns and tutorials that I wanted to share.

Here are some that I’m hoping to try out soon:

If those are too easy for you and you are feeling a bit adventurous, you might also want to try experimenting with some adjustable straps like the ones in You SEW Girl’s Adjustable Strap tutorial.

Are there any other great patterns or tutorials out there that I missed? Have you tried any of these that I listed? Leave a comment and let me know!


Circulars and Stash

Last week I ran across a link to a really cute hat pattern over at Knitting Passion. I’ve been getting really anxious to branch out a little with my knitting I fell in love with this Grace Beanie from KnitWhits the moment I saw it.

As soon as I had some spare time Sunday evening, I sat down and tried to start in on the beanie, only to find out that I didn’t have the right size of circulars to knit it. I purchased a few circular needles a while back so that when I was ready I could experiment, I just didn’t think I would be experimenting with a pattern quite so soon. I decided to start in anyway and see what I could come up with and to get used to the circulars.

Today I went out at lunch to try to find the right size needles. I headed out to one of my favorite craft stores (which is actually more of a fabric store) and at the last minute decided to change routes and go to a certain chain Hobby store to see what they had. I have to say it was an excellent decision.

Being a bit of a newbie to knitting, I don’t know a lot about yarns yet. I am learning, but there are so many different types and different textures out there. I haven’t yet ventured out to any specialty yarn shops because my skill level just doesn’t make it worth my time or money quite yet. Up until now, I’ve chosen to go the cheap route and pick up my supplies at Wal-Mart or other discount stores. But I think I may have found a new spot.

I was practically drooling over the yarn selection at the big chain Hobby store. There were so many colors and textures and ideas flowing through my head. Each new yarn I noticed put pictures of cute hats and scarves and sweaters and bags in my head. I wanted it all. I wanted to knit it all. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time or the money for it all. Besides that, I have quite a stash at home already that I need to use up before I buy any more.

I walked around a bit more, picked up the needles and a couple of other items I needed, and then glanced at the yarn one more time. That is when I caved. I ended up buying 4 skeins of chenille that looked just too fun. It was on clearance and I just couldn’t resist. I already have a gift recipient in mind. Now I just have to figure out what exactly I’m going to make with it. Maybe a larger Grace Beanie with a matching scarf?

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Easy Baby Blankets

Blanket BeginningsOne of my favorite things to make lately is baby blankets. I loved crocheting them so I figured knitting them was the next step. When I first started knitting I started out with hats because they are generally a pretty quick project that I can finish in a day or two. Since I knew my sister was going to be having a baby soon, I decided to see what kind of knitting patterns I could find for a baby blanket. I wasn’t sure I was up for knitting a blanket with my newly learned and still quite clumsy knitting skills but I thought I would give it a try if I could find something that looked simple enough.

I searched and searched my knitting books and the internet and I finally found something I thought I could handle. I discovered the Broken Rib Baby Blanket through Knitting Pattern Central. I adapted the pattern slightly to use some extra chunky yarn and size 17 needles (look at me already changing things when I barely know what I’m doing!). I managed to finish the first blanket in only two weeks knitting in the evenings on weekends when I had spare time. I wasn’t sure how well it would turn out, but it actually looked quite good. My sister loved the blanket and I was very proud of myself for finishing it just in time for her impromptu baby shower.

Since I enjoyed making the first one, I have now started on a second one. It seems like everyone I know is pregnant right now, so I think I’ll be busy for a while!

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