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I Think I'm Alone Now

For once I actually have the house to myself.  Hubby is away at a football game and I finally got Zach to bed.  Rather than doing the housework that really needs to be done, I’m relaxing and taking a few minutes to check my e-mail and catch up on a few blogs.  This is really nice.

Hubby and I actually had a good time lastnight.  It turns out that I really do like him when I’m drunk.  We saw a couple of really good local bands play but the club didn’t have any air conditioning on and it was hot as hell.  Everyone at the club was all sweaty and nasty.  I had a couple of drinks, then a couple more.  When I was out of cash, my friend M decided that I needed some more so she bought me a couple of drinks.  I ended up stumbling out of the bar at the end of the night, but I had a great time.  I’m much more outgoing once I have a little alcohol in me.

All night long I kept seeing this guy at the bar that I swore I knew.  I’m pretty sure that he was one of the guys in a group of friends that we used to hang out with, but I wasn’t positive.  Then I spotted another guy that I think was part of the same group, but I wasn’t 100% sure that it was him either.  After a couple of drinks I actually got up the courage to go talk to the first guy.  He kept moving around and every time I would spot him and get ready to go say hi, he would disappear again.  It was like I was playing freakin’ Where’s Waldo in the bar.  I kept looking for him all night long.  Just as we were about to leave, I spotted him one last time but I was upstairs and he was downstairs.  By the time I got down there, he was nowhere to be found.

We haven’t fought anymore and actually had a pretty good discussion about things this afternoon but it got cut short when the doorbell rang.  Then he left so we didn’t get back into it.

Damn, he’s back home.  That sure didn’t seem to last long.  They left at halftime.  So much for my alone time.

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  1. Always nice to get alone time….

  2. Well, it sounds like you are making some progress at least!! Stick in there – it can get better.

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