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The Party


The bachelorette party that I went to Saturday night was an absolute blast.  Even though I was a little nervous about leaving Zach overnight, a night out with the girls was exactly what I needed.  With all of the stress I have been feeling lately, it really felt great to just let loose, have a few drinks, and laugh with some friends.  When I headed home Sunday morning I felt more relaxed than I have in a very long time. 

The picture above is one of my favorites of the entire night.  That is me and my sister toward the end of the night.  I rarely ever see pictures of myself because I am usually the one taking all of the pictures, so it was nice to actually get a pic of us together. 

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  1. Dee you look great in that picture. And I love what you have done to you hairs. Sounds like it was just what the doctor ordered!

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