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One of the things that came about this weekend is that I am getting a new computer at work.  It’s not really a new computer, but a hand-me-down from my boss that is about a year old.  But, the exciting part of this is that not only am I getting another computer, the new computer is a laptop, which means I can work from home a little bit easier when necessary.  I don’t see any working from home happening any time soon, but it will be really great whenever I have to stay home with Zach or there is a big snowstorm or something.  Or, you know, when I have another baby and need to go on maternity leave again.

My mom and I have been pushing laptops for a while and trying to warm boss-man up to the idea of being able to work from home more.  A while back we thought we might have him convinced, but that went by the wayside.  Now, all of a sudden, he purchased new laptops for himself and my mom over the weekend and is passing his down to me, so we’ll all be mobile now.

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  1. Oh! Be careful though — I love my laptop, but I do feel guilty that it’s around sometimes when I’m not technically supposed to be working. It’s a constant reminder that there is more work to do, so be prepared! 🙂

  2. Wow, didn’t you just get a new laptop at home too?? YOu are in the land of laptops.
    I do the same kind of reward system daily- some housework- some time on the computer. Otherwise I’d get NOTHING done!

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