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iheartfaces – We Are Family

A week sure does go by fast, eh?  That means it’s time for another iheartfaces photo challenge.  This week’s theme is “We Are Family” which means you get to see my face for a change!

As usual, I wasn’t prepared for this challenge, so I scrambled around last night trying to get my husband and kids to cooperate while I played with my new wireless remote trigger.  They were much more interested in playing Mario Bros. on the Wii than they were in a photo shoot, so I snapped a few and figured I’d take what I could get.  It certainly won’t win any rewards, but I can say I participated and well, it’s pretty typical of my family!

Head over to iheartfaces and check out some of the other (much more amazing) We Are Family Photos!

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  1. B B

    I love the straightened/slightly wavy hair! You’ve been looking great in pictures, Dee.

    P.S. – Your family is beautiful (as always! 🙂

  2. Hi! you really have a very nice blog. I’m going thru it..

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