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22 Months

Dear Evie,

Oh my little monkey, here you are at 22 months old and already I’m seeing visions of your pre-teen years.  You’ve always had a little sass to you, but recently the sassiness has escalated to levels I was not prepared for.  Rest assured, I am not the only one that has noticed this.  You suddenly seem to think that you control the world.  Though I hate to burst your bubble, I have to tell you that it just is not so.


All of this attitude came along with a huge speech explosion.  It seemed like overnight you went from saying single words to speaking in sentences and making demands.  You tell us what you want, when you want it (NOW!), and how you want it.  When we don’t comply with your wishes, you let us know just how unhappy you are by screaming like a banshee and repeating yourself over and over again.  Maybe you’re trying to make us understand your words, but yeah, WE GOT IT.

You have also discovered the fact that humans were blessed with free will and you apparently think that makes all things in life optional.  So now, when Mommy says things like, “Evie, it’s time to take a bath.” you respond with, “NO, I NOT!”  It was charming and rather funny the first few times, but it got old really fast.  Even the things you like to do (like take a bath) usually get a “NO, I NOT!” these days until you figure out that you really do want to do it.  I know you’re only trying to assert your new found independence, but I still dream of the day when “yes” becomes your favorite word.


While it may sound like I’m complaining about all the talking, I absolutely love it!  I finally get to know what’s going on in your head.  We have actual conversations now which just amazes me.  You are one smart little girl.  You have a great memory and surprise me constantly with all the words you know.  The best part though, is when I tuck you into bed at night.  Every night we say a bed time prayer and then sing a couple of songs to help you settle down.  You can almost recite the entire prayer with me now and you always request “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” and sing along with me to the words you know.  It’s a sweet way to end a busy day and I enjoy it every time.

Your brother, on the other hand, does not like you talking so much.  You see, before you started talking, he was under the impression that he controlled the world because he was the only child in the room that spoke.  He assumed that his demands were the only ones that existed, simply because we heard no others.  Now things have changed and he’s having a hard time getting used to it.  He gets really upset when we allow you to make a choice before him (even though we generally alternate) but I suppose it is just something we all have to get used to.  I remember arguing about the same things with my brother and sister.


You are becoming so much more independent all of a sudden that I have to remind myself to just let you do things yourself.  You are getting really good at using your fork and spoon and actually getting the food to your mouth.  You have also started using a regular cup when we’re at the table.  You usually still request a sippy cup full of milk when we’re finished eating, but it is nice to see that you can use a regular cup without spilling too much.

The other thing we’ve been really working on is potty training.  You know exactly what to do when we get you to the potty at the right time, but you aren’t really telling us when you need to go.  I think you’ll be there soon.  You’re brain has just been busy focusing on other things.  You definitely have the right idea.  You do love wearing your pull-ups during the day and can even pull them up and down by yourself now.


A few weeks ago, your day care provider started watching a new baby.  I was a little afraid of how you would react at first because you and your BFF had been the babies there for so long.  You seemed to adjust just fine though.  At home, you started carrying your baby dolls around with you constantly.  You tell us when they are hungry, feed them bottles, change their diapers, and tuck them into bed when they are sleepy.  I love watching you take care of them.  You’ll be a great mama some day.

Each month seems like it goes by faster and faster as I watch you growing up so fast.  Two is less than two months away now.  As you inch towards it, I feel myself relaxing in some ways.  Even though I still call you a baby, you really aren’t any more.  I see more and more glimpses of the big girl you are quickly becoming and I am so proud.

Love always,

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